ADPR 2200 Week 7 Reflection

Learning about editing in class this week was probably the most important thing I have learned all year. Not just in this course but in all others. I think students, and even some writers, might think that their first work is the best and acceptable for what needs to be displayed. In reality it is the biggest mistake that they can make. Even if you have somebody proofread your writing just once, it can make all the difference. Two weeks ago I had my mother and two sisters go over my essays for study abroad and they were making all sorts of changes to errors and mistakes that could be fixed. I wasn’t happy at first, but they were right and correct if every change they made. After reading the TopHat this week on editing I had to laugh at myself for how write they were all along.

The edits that were pointed out in my Martian article were small ones that frustrated me because they easily should have been fixed. I was quick to write this article and was carless in not looking at the mistakes after. Errors like run-on sentences and misspelled words were found, as well as points in the article that sounded choppy. I edited the run-ons and misspelled words, and fixed the choppyness by giving more flow to the story. Another thing that I added was actually giving the story an ending, something I felt I did not have in my original article.

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