“The Martian in Milwaukee”

Just recently I finally returned to planet Earth from my home planet of Mars after being away for a few millenniums. I do not remember much so I had to ask somebody a couple questions to a stranger in order to remind myself. I stumbled upon McKayla who is one of 7 billion humans in the human race, which has significantly evolved since I had last been here. Her race is a lot smaller than the mighty Martian race, but there seems to be a lot of character in them. She told me about how her people have worked together to build societies called countries and they even developed smaller countries called cities. McKayla is an American who says that humans have a tendency to not work together and have conflicts with one another. While most countries might come together for a common goal, others have strong disagreements with one another and fight each other just because they do not want the same thing. This seems foolish to me because these people will not be able to evolve without working with another. They’ll never be as good as us Martians.

McKayla seems to be one of the good humans that exist in this world. She appears as someone who is devoted to family and cares about them. I care about mine too but I also have 20 million brothers and sisters, so I never knew all of them or my parents too much. From her point of view, her friends are the ones to help her out as well when her parents are not around. I asked what this place was and she went on to tell me about Marquette University and that this is a place where her people come to learn and evolve together as human beings. They attend classes and learn different subjects to figure out how the world works and how they want to be producitve in their lives. At this university, humans learn different concepts and languages throughout Earth and grow their minds.

I asked her what is the most important thing she has learned so far in her life and she told me to, “always take care of yourself.” McKayla said she helps others the same way she helps them, but that people have to take time to help themselves and make decisions on their own. I was skeptical to see how these species had evolved since I was last here. When I was here they lived in nothing but caves and not making any sense. Today they have tremendously evolved into being comprehensive and grand people, but still have more to go. I believe there are others like McKayla and if they exist, then these people will do great. I wanted to keep talking and learn about humans today, but I forgot I left my stove on back on Mars. Hopefully I come back in another few milleniums.

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