El fantasma de Spelunky

Spelunky es un juego formidable. Su impacto, especialmente el de la versión de Xbox 360 (de 2012; la original de 2008, para PC y gratuita, hizo menos ruido), fue tremendo; su influencia aún es fácil de ver en otros roguelites de plataformas, como Downwell, que se publicó en iOS y PC hace un par de días: la intención de Ojiro Fumoto, su creador, era de hecho hacer un Spelunky para móviles.

Picoteando en las reseñas de Steam de varios juegos (algo que hago más a menudo de lo que me gustaría), caí en la página de Spelunky y me sorprendió un detalle de las reseñas negativas: la aversión al fantasma. Un odio profundo. El fantasma es un tipo de enemigo especial que aparece, por norma general, cuando llevamos dos minutos y medio en el mismo nivel, y es uno de los recursos que utiliza el juego para animar al jugador a darse prisa, a avanzar por los niveles sin demorarse demasiado. Se dice que es invencible, pero en realidad solo es extremadamente difícil de matar.

Una de las proezas más aburridas de ver.

De alguna forma, es una guía hacia la forma ideal de jugar a Spelunky, ya que no solo funciona como límite de tiempo sino que los más hábiles pueden utilizarlo para su beneficio. Como todo en el juego, el fantasma es un elemento que convive en armonía con el resto de piezas que le dan forma y lo hacen grande.

Esto es algo con lo que no todo el mundo está de acuerdo, a juzgar por su frecuente aparición en las reseñas negativas del juego en Steam. Se habla de él en un 8,2 % de estas reseñas; sinceramente, no me parece una característica de Spelunky de 8,2 %. Por eso he recopilado, por qué no hacerlo, todas las menciones que se hacen al fantasma en las opiniones desfavorables de los jugadores de Spelunky en Steam.

A algunos les molesta porque impide explorar con tranquilidad el escenario:

Haber al principo pensaba que este juego hiba ser mas de explorar 0,0 pero ahora que lo jugue realmente es mas MODO CARRERA que otra cosa 0.0 la proxima ponga bien el genero siempre te llega un malvado fantasma cuando llevas mas de 2 Minutos y 50 segundos 0.0 Desteto estar apurado, yo queria disfrutar el mapa no esta corriendo apurado por cruzar algo como dice un dicho el Apuro trae Cansancio 0.0
I’ve bought this game to explore caves and get treasure and almost immediately abandoned the game because of the single thing: the mandatory unkillable ghost that spawns a couple of minutes into each level (as far as I could see it during my playtime). It supposed to be a feature that makes the game challenging I guess but it just makes it arfificially frustrating to me because the time limit before ghost spawn is quite small and after ghost spawns there isn’t much opportunity to explore left as all I could do after the spawn is to speed run my way around to the exit. Speed run and a hurried exploration weren’t my choice of gameplay, but was forced on me by the game.
However, the reality is that the game actively discourages the exploration factor of Spelunking. It’s more of a game about pathologically running through a setting that happens to be a cave, collecting gold and other treasures, and not getting killed by monsters and traps. The source of the problem is the giant ghost that appears after, if I remember correctly, two minutes and fifteen seconds after starting a level. The ghost is basically a soft time limit that gives you two minutes to complete the level at your leisure, then you have to either exit the level immediately or worry about the ghost (which is a one-hit kill by the way) trapping you in some nook in the terrain.
There is a hidden time limit to each level, everytime you die you have to start ALL THE WAY BACK AT THE BEGINNING, and your health isn’t refilled between levels. The game emphasizes exploration, but you don’t have time to explore anywhere that isn’t immediately visible. Why? Because after a short amount of time, a Ghost comes out that slowly chases you until it catches you and kills you. Each level is randomly generated, so you can’t learn a level through trial and error. It was a waste of 5 bucks.
This game is terrible, the controls are odd and uncomfortable, the gameplay isn’t exciting and if you feel like exploring for a while, be prepared to get insta-killed by a ghost
God-powered Ghosts appear after 2 minutes of play on every level. Ghosts force the gameplay into a way I simply don’t enjoy, turning each level into a race instead of allowing for a more exploratory style.
Oh, and by the way.. there’s a huge ghost that you can’t kill that appears after a short ammount of time, in EVERY level, that walks through walls, hunts you down and kills you.. So much for freedom to explore lol
Absolute effing misery. No point to the game. No RPG element. No sense of exploration. The second you are having fun an EmmEffin Ghost comes out that can move through terrain and if you touch it you die.
If you try to spend time exploring, you’ll be chased by a massive, heatseeking ghost that kills you instantly if you get anywhere close to it.
The tutorial implies that you can explore and ravage each level as long as you want. Technically that’s right, but after 2 minutes a huge ghost spawns somewhere in the stage and chases you until you die or leave to the next stage where you have 2 minutes before he haunts you again.
This ruined my experience because I did not want to rush through the levels while getting as much loot as I can, though I can see that there lies the point in the leaderboards and it’s the kinda competitive factor of the game.
what a waste of my money. wish i could refund it.
controls are terrible. explore within the time limit per level or else the ghost will kill you and you start all.over.again.
Cool game, sadly ruined by that stupid sodding indesctructable ghost that forces you to hurry yow ♥♥♥ up or die. It wasn’t needed and there is no mode by which it can be turned off. It feels as if it was added right at the last second to increase difficulty or to stop people from exploring and trying to collect as many jewels as they can. Considering that there are enemies already in the game world, why the damn ghost was necessary I just don’t know. Seems to ruin the fun for me.
If you like exploring, expirimenting and playing with new ideas in roguelikes. Don’t buy this game. The soft time limit in the game kills any enjoyment you get seeing the new levels and exploring.
And by soft time limit I mean the ghost that murders you at a touch.
Oh and you can’t take all the time in the world, if you don’t get out fast enough a ghost will come straight at you through the walls and kill you instantly on contact. If you’re not near the end it’s tough to avoid.
Not only is the game riddled with cheap deaths and difficulty due to poor controls, but there’s also an invisible timer for each level. If you take too long to finish, a big ghost comes that instantly kills you, meaning you have to start all over but from a new, randomly generated level. And there’s no way to tell how much time is left, so you’ll want to hurry to the exit & keep exploration to a minimum. Where is the fun in that?

Algunos sugieren que la omisión del fantasma en la descripción del juego es injusta, engañosa y poco ética

This game and its description have some ethic issues. Nowhere on the page it says that this game has a TIME LIMIT. Here’s what happens on every level after 2 minutes had passed — an invincible ghost appears that passes through walls and chases you through the maze. This is almost EXACTLY the opposite of what the game descriptions says (You’ll have complete freedom while you navigate the fully-destructible environments and master their many secrets.). So please, if you don’t like this kind of RUSHED gameplay, stay away from this game.
Too easy to die, no progress whatsoever and most important in the description they don’t say that you have a limited amount of time to rush through each single level. After 2 minutes an indistructable ghost will wipe you off the level.
There’s also a hidden time limit that isn’t mentioned anywhere in the store page, and if you reach this limit, an unkillable ghost spawns and starts chasing you.
It has a time limit I don’t remember reading about in the description and the time limit is extremely short. I explore a bit and then an invincible ghost appears to force me to the exit. I tried to find a way to eliminate the ghost, but you can’t. You can’t whack it, you can’t throw a stone at it, you can’t do anything but run to the exit. What a buzz kill.
SCAM ALERT! Instead of the platforming rogue like this is presented as on steam. Its a tiny little free flash game released with lots of bugs and bad controller support. Its biggest flaw is it forces you to complete the maps in roughly two minutes or else a unstoppable instant kill on touch ghost is spawned. Meaning you have to quickly dash around the level before time runs out.
Would have been a great game if that invicible ghost didn’t exist! Nothing about that was advertised when i bought it. I have no problem in dying a few times but a enemy that can’t be beaten is such a poor and cheap decision….

Algunos parecen decepcionados por no haber sabido antes que había un fantasma invencible en el juego:

I wanted to like Spelunky as I am a fan of the Old School platformers, but it isn’t enjoyable in its current form.
I wasn’t aware of the timed ghost element before purchase, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the other elements. The ghost is a forgivable addition as the player would essentially take every possible jewel and coin rendering the game tiresome after a while. Writing subjectively, I would say that the game just isn’t fun.
FYI there is an unkillable ghost that shows up after 2'30" in a level that only serves the purpose of making you leave the level. If you don’t like being rushed in games, it is a game-ruining mechanic. I wasn’t warned, but now you are warned if you also don’t like being rushed.
There is a failure to mention (even in the tutorial) about a time limit on the levels. If you take too long (seems like about a minute) exploring then a one hit kill large ghost blob comes after you. It flys through walls making a bee line toward you, given the number of times the clunky controlls get me stuck on the corners of walls when I just want to drop down, death is inevitable.

Otros se oponen a la glorificación de un juego como este, demasiado difícil, demasiado orientado a un tipo de jugador:

The second REALLY gamebreaking feature
is that in every stage there is an 2:30 min time limit which isnt even
shown. This time limit is right from the original spelunky and
when the limit ends there is an ghost who will chase and kill your character
instandly. There is no possibility to increase the time limit or disable the
annoying ghost completly -.- . We are in the age where games are
supposed to be playable (not like the original spelunky ages ago)
and this means that games shouldnt be made only for hardcore gamers
Spend more than 2.5 min on a level and a ghost comes to kill you. Lame you can’t change any setting to help you play the game more easly.

A otros les molesta no tener tiempo suficiente para recoger todo el oro de cada nivel:

And then there’s that ghost… “Here, i’ve seen you die alot, have an instagibb ghost wich takes up half the screen follow you around till it reaches you.” I’m guessing it’s some kinda “time out” thing or another? In any case, being abit OCD i don’t wanna leave gold behind and apparently you’re not supposed to go after it all, since every little turn seems to have another trap or fall or time wasting ledge that ends up reducing my life.

Otros no le ven sentido en una «versión increíblemente frustrate de Snakes and Ladders» (?):

an Incredibly frustrating version of Snakes & Ladders. There’s no buildup — no base building. Every stage must be evacuated quickly or a spooky ghost comes for you.

Otros ven en el fantasma casi un símbolo de los atropellos generales de Spelunky; una injusticia más entre muchas:

I cannot understand why people are glorifying this kind of game.
It’s not funny when you die thousands of times,
it’s not funny when you have to start from the beginning every time you die, and
it’s NOT funny when you have to: find an exit without using too many items, avoid enemies and traps, do it fast as ♥♥♥♥ ’cause a ghost will spawn and start chasing you if you are too slow.
The premise of it’s “trial and error”learning curve is robbed by the randomly generated dungeons and ghosts that act as an invisible timer.
The ghost that appears after a time limit is a game breaker. Now you’re forced to rush through if you want to clear the whole dungeon but WILL result in quick deaths.
Went too fast and touched a spike, game over. Went too slow, game spawned a ghost to kill you for not going fast enough, game over.
Spelunky is unforgiving, unfair, ridiculous in some cases. I played last night for an hour and never got past level 1–3. That’s saying something as you have a 2:30 minutes to reach the end of each level or a ghost comes and one shots you.
Everything about this game just feels wrong. No amount of trying to fix the controls on keyboard made them feel in any way natural, every (and I mean EVERY) death felt like I’d been absolutely cheated, and that ♥♥♥♥ING ghost after what felt like 30 seconds on a floor which is nigh unnavoidable.

Otros, en fin, no le dan más vueltas a un asunto tan trivial y le echan toda la culpa al fantasma sin dar explicaciones:

Lame… could be fun except for the ghost that comes way too quick on the levels.

Antes de morir, ese fantasma era una persona. Ahora solo quiere que juguemos un poco mejor.