Introducing ChiCozzi

I’m taking the leap.

Hello friends, family, fans, and fellow entrepreneurship enthusiasts,

This may not be news for those close to me, but I am officially announcing my journey into the online business world! I have been working on a business idea on and off for a couple years, and finally decided to take the plunge to pursue it full-time.

I have always had a strong desire to start my own business, but never felt it was the right time. I finally realized that there is no such thing as the right time (after hearing it over and over), and decided back in April that there was no better time than now.

I’ll elaborate on my story of how I got here in another post soon, but I’ve been hustling behind the scenes for over six months now. I tested my business with the launch of my first product in June, and it received much more support than I had hoped for! This just validated my idea even more, and so I am pursuing this crazy dream even harder.

So what is ChiCozzi? What is my business? It is very early in my entrepreneur journey, but I am developing my business(es) around the idea that ChiCozzi is my umbrella/parent company and eventual personal corporation (doesn’t ChiCozzi, Inc. sounds legit?). Now, it is going to house my four main ventures:

  • My Personal Brand - which will go by ChiCozzi and include my new blog here on Medium covering my progress and new ideas as an aspiring entrepreneur as well as my life in general. I even made a Twitter account for it: @ChiCozzi312.
  • Fast Break Bets - this is my flagship business that I referenced above and it revolves around my biggest passion — sports betting! It started out as a blog years ago, and I now have my first subscription service with actual paying customers! This is my baby and I plan to grow it into my main source of income. You can follow me on Twitter @FastBreakBets or visit my website if you’re interested in sports betting and want useful tips, picks and more! I know this is a taboo subject, but legalization is coming in the U.S. and part of my goal is to remove the stigma associated with it.
  • Sports Investments - I don’t like to call it sports betting, as that implies it’s gambling. Just as I invest in stocks, I find value in the sports markets and capitalize on mis-priced “equities” for myself and my clients. I don’t personally make the investments, but my partners do with the information I provide from my predictive models. As Charles Barkley would say, I’m “one of those idiots that believes in analytics.”
  • Financial Investments - I have kept a strong performing portfolio for over five years now, and plan to share my progress, insights, research and investments I am considering within this blog. It is simply another revenue generator within my personal company that I hope to grow into other assets in the future, such as real estate. I’ll talk about this the least as I’m not an active trader, but I do monitor my investments regularly.

So there you have it. My conjoined triangles of success if you will. I am going to go 0 to $10 million with this, so follow along with my journey. I’m basically going to be the next Tom Haverford. I’m not completely sure what this blog is going to look like, but at the very least it’ll be fun to look back on. Thanks for reading, but now it’s time to crush it.