Two CCM Authors Further a Publisher’s Mission

Jereme Dean’s Vicious Parts

In Jereme Dean’s In Retrospect, the Days Were Fresh and Easy, the facts, when they come, come down hard: “Cypress Community College Magazine photographs me playing alone in the day care sandbox.” “Rudy confided in me that he had killed a woman then melted her corpse with gasoline.” “Homeless again.”

Sean H. Doyle’s Combustible Lyric

There is, in contrast, a fair amount of hugging things out in Sean H. Doyle’s This Must Be the Place (CCM Press, 2014). There are also several crippling confessions. Says the speaker about an ambush of a nightclub, “For years and years, I lied and said I had been. But I wasn’t.” Such simple acknowledgements signal that the worst improprieties in these pages are internal. Profligate drug use, cults, combat, and body modification only serve as corporal placeholders for internal pain. When, in a section named Church of Body Modification, West Phoenix, Summer 2001 –, we encounter the author with two hooks through the flesh of his back attached by ropes to the bumper of an armored truck and pulling it, it’s just comic relief compared with the traumas he inflicts on his spirit.



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