Hobbies and why they are important…

I find it ridiculously attractive meeting someone who knows a lot about a certain skill or topic which isn’t necessarily for any sort of financial gain, or for popularity…they just do it because they want to.

You know what that’s attractive? Because it means that :

  • They aren’t boring
  • They can show you another world about something you would’ve never considered or thought of.
  • Hobby might come in handy!

Do you know why I realized how important these were??

I let my hobbies fall by the way side and became bored.

Bored and boring.

So here is a tip. When ever you feel stuck in a rut. Instead of changing up your whole routine, replace something you don’t like with a hobby.

Now instead of mindlessly scrolling through the chosen 5 apps ( YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , WhatsApp) when I get home from work. I now have dinner and dedicate at least an hour to teaching myself the key board. I also have lessons.

I feel more accomplished. And trust me.I am not a musician AT ALL! I just love music so thought why not?!

Basically, get a hobby.