Day three: My Boot camp Experience so far

Variability, the spice of life

It has been a hectic day, from jumping buses, finding that semicolon causing syntax error, to writing this article. Well, variability they say, is the spice of life — a tough spice I think.

Home study today felt more like home scrutiny. My facilitator had me explain every line of code possible. Plus completing today’s task. I’m grateful he complemented my efforts, and glad I haven’t put his feedback on rocks.

Also, time was not really my friend — perhaps the tasks too. But, I’m not writing to inform you on the relationship status between me and my codes. Rather, a moment of limited time, without workable solutions. Regardless, it was great because these tasks are indeed the crux of most software’s — searching and user interface.

The searching, being the most challenging task so far, involves building a binary search function as a property of Array.prototype. This does not sound like much, except, optimizing your algorithm to pass the unit test. After trying bunch of approaches, like recursion, and a while loop. A for loop did the trick.

Ps: All versions (recursion, while, and for loops) now pass. Perhaps, after a good sleep

However, sticking around the office today with fellow boot campers questioned my assumption of what a good developer should be. Should a good developer focus on solving problems without understanding the process? Or one who know lots of technologies and languages with less pragmatism? This debate was held and everyone left pruning each other’s perspective to accommodate theirs. I’m sure you have a perspective too.

Let’s talk about a staff who liaise between applicants and Andela. Her name is Anne. An amazingly polite and hardworking lady, from the People and Culture department. Her objective act of selflessness for our collective good (succeeding boot camp), has placed her as the run-to for most boot campers. Plus, she organizes our launch (who doesn’t love the launch getter). Anyway, she has been great, from application to today.

The boot camp experience so far has been immersive. With such tremendous benefits, as gaining comfort with continuous integration, testing, writing better syntax, and soft skills, one can easily understand the goal of Andela — building the next generation of tech leaders.

In as much as I am learning these, I aspire to do more, contributing to our human progress.

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