How i survived Andela Bootcamp with Adaptation, Motivation and Commitment

It has been a more than a week now since the start of Andela Bootcamp cycle 26. After their scrutiny and selection, i was invited to attend the second week of the Bootcamp. The First week was tough and packed with challenges, new learning outcomes, skills and a lot of other adventures that I am sure will never escape my memory.

For one to survive Andela Bootcamp, one has to use the above principles — adaptability, motivation, and commitment.

Adaptation is very paramount to coping in an environment where one has to learn new skills. It’s what helps me to survive the first week at Andela. My lifestyle changed tremendously this past week. For me to able to cope, i had to adjust my sleeping time from waking up at 6 AM or 7 AM to waking up by 2 AM and sleeping late as well, this helped me draft out enough time for Bootcamp related activities including other menial changes.

It would have been very difficult to make the above amendments in my lifestyles if they were no motivation, commitment, and positive mindset. The mindset that I am going to learn something new really helped and motivated me. The passion for learning new technology, both software and hardware related is what drives me into putting more effort into learning and mastering new skills, technology and tools.

I have always dreamt of becoming a software engineer in the near future and that made me commit my time and energy into learning and studying what will help to meet those goals. With Andela Bootcamp i knew am on the track to making my dreams a reality in becoming a world-class developer which Andela shapes me into. That is how motivation, commitment, and adaptability aided my survival of the first week at Andela Bootcamp and is sure going to help me out in the second week.