My Andela Bootcamp Experience — Day 3

Days run fast, it is the third day at Andela Bootcamp already! As a normal routine, I was presented with a skill set to learn inline with outcomes that will be fulfilled at the end of the study to prove my understanding of the targeted skill.

Today skill set is learning the HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) and web services including the ability to write professionally. The HTTP protocol is the protocol for the web which is very paramount to have in other to developing good and secure websites (using HTTPS). It is also necessary to understand this protocol if one wants to build a good Restful API which is part of requiring Specification for the More-recipes Project app.

In the software world it very essential to pass information in clear, concise and coherent way which is part of the 7 C’s of effective communication. But why is this important? Imagine you an end-user of API that has a poorly written documentation (that lacks the 7 C’s goodies), it will be very difficult to use such an API as you might find it difficult understanding the use cases of the API. But by being able to convey information using this skill set, it saves the time of users.

This article will be incomplete without highlighting the importance of asking questions and collaborating with my team members has helped me understand that the saying “two good heads are always better than one” is true.

Also, seeking feedback and taking actions on them has made me a better developer. My Bootcamp facilitator (BFA)has always been pointing me in the right direction since day one of Bootcamp with useful feedback and helpful links.

The cycle 26 of Andela Bootcamp has really been of tremendous help in refining me into better person both in software development and other wise.

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