My Bootcamp Experience So Far

Today is my second day at andela bootcamp, and i am expected to self learn basic skills like object oriented programming and professional writing. Its termed self learning clinic where i am expected to learn some basic concepts on my own as stated above.

For just a few days now, andela bootcamp and pre-bootcamp period has tremendously help in learning a lot which i thought was impossible to achieve within a short period. The bootcamp has helped me to realize that i am really limitless in learning and that i can be able to learn anything with a growth mindset, coupled with values like passion, collaboration and also seeking, accepting and acting on feedback.

I have come to understand the importance of some tools in software development like GIT (and Github), pivotal tracker including techniques like test driven development and agile methodology.

Today’s offsite bootcamp helped me to learn concepts in object oriented programming language like encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance. I have to realize that JavaScript is not a pure object oriented language and that its core object orientation is just a syntactic sugar on top its default prototype construct unlike languages like Java, C++, python and the rest. Designing a class and modelling a real world object hasdeepened my understanding of OOP in JavaScript.

I have had far more experience that cannot be fully expressed in writing, the above, is just a few that can be penned down at the moment.