Better still, that viewpoint is stripped from all racial, gender, or theological differences. It’s just words on a page. You can either accept them or not.
3 Reasons to Read a Book Right Now
Todd Brison

Thanks for your input/addition, yet I don’t agree with the highlighted portion of your article. One of the things we can do a better job of as citizens of this nation (assuming you are in the US, yet correct me if I’m wrong) and this world is seek out viewpoints that are similar and different than our own. I don’t believe in being colorblind because that is an impossibility and ignorant at best and more nefarious at worst end of the spectrum. My viewpoint cannot be stripped of my race (manmade construction), my gender, my theological, my life experiences. Whether they are different or similar to your own. This, my friend, is a prime example of privilege that exists. So while I accept your premise that books are amazing and for many of the reasons that you mentioned, I fortunately cannot and will not get behind the erroneous claim that words are just words on a page. Because, friend, they are not.

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