Thank you for pointing this out.
Jasper Jaja

You can not factor that out. It’s part of the parcel. The problem is that your definition takes only the part that your logiccan rest on. Yes we were not consulted before being born but when we get here, we have choices. Some people are actively searching for immortality, some are searching for longetivity techniques while others are just taking life as it comes. Going by your logic, those who are just taking life as it comes are commitong suicide. That’s the problem with it.

Also, when it comes to Jesus, one thing you actively neglect is that the people who killed him had a choice. He didn’t coerce of force them to kill him.

Take a very earthly example -Ken Saro Wiwa, he knew his activism might get him killed, yet he continued. He was eventually killed. That is in no way suicide.Neither was he suicidal