How can we improve the shopping experience for one of the world’s biggest grocery shopping platforms? A step by step process and investigation into improving the customer journey through checkout.


Carrefour is doing an exceptional job processing thousands of orders per day, but there is always room for improvement: higher customer satisfaction rates, increased customer loyalty, conversions to subscriptions, etc.

Today the checkout process has several redundancies. My assumption is that a faster, more streamlined checkout will result in a higher conversion rate.

Taking a look at the Qualitative data results from my research, I will take you through…

I went through the majority of my life believing that black people can’t swim. And even succumbing to racist scientific rhetoric that black people do not swim well because they have denser bones. Embarrassed to say, I legit believed this nonsense. It was actually quite comforting to know that it wasn’t my fault I could not swim. I was just cursed by my ancestors and genetically predisposed to not being able to swim. Plus the reality that I’m 31! Is this not something you are meant to learn as a child? I also believed that as a child you learn…

Don’t just fly, Fly Better

Following a pseudo case study, I looked at how I would improve the Emirates homepage if I was the Lead UX in their team. This Case study subsequently got me employed as User Experience Specialist at Emirates Airline. Hope you enjoy!

Context / Scope

Improving the design of an airline website in terms of user experience builds a competitive advantage by satisfying and improving the customer experience in flight-related matters.

Taking a look at the quantitative data results from the recent website redesign I will take you through my recommendations for the next iterations in design.

Throughout this…


Between 2015 and 2018, Arts Council England will invest £1.1 billion of public money from the government and an estimated £700 million from the National Lottery to help create art and culture experiences for everyone.



House of Fraser has decided to expand its services to include additional planning and buying options for its customers. It wants to make it easier for people to organise and pay for themed parties, and to encourage more regular parties.


The challenge

The challenge is to create a web-based product which will help plan a party. We want to bring the fun and collaboration back into party planning. The users have problems with splitting payments and having a smooth RSVP process.

I needed to create a microsite which takes the user through the process of planning a party. …

Part 2

4.0 Using Intuition in Interface Design

The Oxford Dictionary describes intuition as an

“immediate apprehension by the mind without the intervention of reasoning. Immediate insight. Spiritual insight or perception.”1

This definition implies that intuition is a sense, which can be likened to seeing and hearing. This sense is instantaneous and usually, happens in subconsciousness. it is, however, quite difficult to say exactly what intuitions are.

There is something very human about simplicity even though processes in the brain are often extremely complex, even to the point that it is not fully understood by modern science. It is when interfaces mimic human behaviour, they allow people to intuit and thus become simpler. In Dr…

We often forget about the loss protocols of having a DVD of film collection. With the growth of technology and applications like iTunes and Netflix the experience of going to your friend’s house and viewing their DVD collection to have a glimpse into their personality is Long Gone

This is my story of creating the app film collection which is an app that replicates the Nostalgia set up with the long-lost protocol Of shelving your DVD collection.

This first took place at the GA; it was the first UX Project which we had to do, and we were from right in the deep end creating an app for our assigned user period


Most of us are bombarded with request to watch the latest film or TV series. Stefano is no stranger to this and has trouble managing his time and who to trust when it comes to watching…

Written by Chidi Nwaubani

‘A taste for simplicity cannot last for long.’

(Eugene Delacroix 19th century French painter)

In contemporary design there is a notion that simplicity is better, the market is inundated with the latest trend after another emphasising on bettering the design of the last trend. It may that consumers we need to acquire a new taste so they fully enjoy what they consume.

3.1 Personal Observation

I remember a presentation we had with Eddie Gleeson, one of my lecturers; we were presenting different interfaces. Every group that came up to submit their chosen interfaces commented on the interface being “simple” and how this simplicity…

Chidi Nwaubani

London-based Business Creative. I Design & Curate experiences, visuals and content.

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