Carrefour Checkout Renovation


Discovery & Research

Mobile is predicted to account for 54% of online sales, or $659 billion, by 2021. — Big Commerce

Let’s get started …

Here I’m only given two options, either login or I register. What if I forgot my account details or just want a guest log in

Analyzing the competition is essential at to understand the current UX offerings that customers may see while shopping online

Competitor analysis

On a scale of 1–5 ( 5 being the highest), I compared Emirates direct competition over several key metrics

Developing the Solution

Insights & Quotes from User testing:

User journey map, identifying the users pain points throughout this journey

User story

“As a grocery shopping customer, I want to be able to use Carrefour to easily order my weekly grocery shop in the simplest and fastest way possible.”

User Flow

Here I’m looking at how we can create a flow that reduces the user’s cognitive load at the beginning stages and allows for the most expeditious and most comfortable checkout experience


Sketches are drawn by hand using the Samsung stylus pen
Wireframes designed using Figma

Design System

File can be viewed here:

Framer Prototype

Iterations on design components —

Suggested solution

Designing with a responsive approach

Final thoughts



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