I’m not saying this is “special”. Rather I’m pointing out that it can be hard to put us in a neat and tidy box. Those who pick the management track have certain goals. Those who stay deep in the trenches have certain goals. But we’re sort of stuck somewhere in the middle.
To the Drifters, Makers, Why-Askers, and Systems Thinkers…
John Cutler

I feel your pain. Too technical-minded for the designers. Too creative and what-if-y for the techs. Too creative and technical for the marketers. Not power hungry enough to be a manager. And since a leader needs followers (i.e., the previously listed) that hat doesn’t fit well either.

You’d think it would be he best of time for us. But, at least for me, it so often feels like the worst of times.

That said, kudos. Thank you for pointing out that there’s a place for us as well. Or at least should be.

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