The Apple Story

The Apple Story

Do you ever wonder why people prefer to eat certain fruits in certain seasons? It depends on taste of the individual as well as availability of that particular fruit. Apple is one such “fruit” that come to our mind when we want to make purchases across all the season. Apple has its own perception of being “Rich fruit” that everyone wants to enjoy as “satisfaction of eating the fruit”.

The other big “Apple” also makes a rich impact among its customers. The way Apple manages the behavior of the customers across the world, the way it communicates the “value” of the smallest change made in its offering, the way it defines the “new” of the product we use, the way it appeals to the next set of customers, the way it manages the perception of being the “Premium” brand over a lifetime.

There are certain things that Apple does so uniquely that the other business can learn from.


We all give emphasis to a particular event, which might come every year or once in a lifetime. Our subjectivity & relativity defines the importance of that event. Similarly every business organisation has certain events that they participate in. Every business has new products coming at certain point.

The difference apple makes here is that they have defined a particular timeline for such “Keynote” events that gives a bigger opportunity for every market to pay attention to. It’s not only important from the customers point of view, but all the stakeholders, big techno-giants keep a close eye on such events. Apple ensures that the “Keynote” gets its due attention by defining the timeline for it across the year.

Customers plan their purchases according to the timeline defined by apple. This is a B2C scenario . But even B2B companies can implement the Event strategy on their own which will always keep the customers curious & interested in the offerings.

Product Differentiation

The standardization, the new things, the best in industry, the beautiful, the coolest, the unique things. Apple talks a lot of such things in their products.

Apple clearly differentiates itself in its offering. The technological differentiation that apple has, allows it to define the universe of it’s own. The universe which attracts the planets from the other universe i.e. other competitive platform where most of the players are forming a clutter.


The tag of being a premium brand- creates perceived differentiation. There is no single product in the Apple offering that dilutes the image of being a premium brand. There are a whole lot of customers who buy Apple just because these are premium products.

This scenarios fits best to B2C. However it can be defined for B2B segment too. Only the perceived value of the premium brand may not be the price, instead its the brand value which gives a sense of relaxation of choosing a particular brand. There are a lot of other factors that B2B can focus to enhance its brand equity at each business transaction.


Apple started with ipod, then offered iPhone, iPad, MAC. Next in line is the iWatch. Apple has planned R&D efforts to accomplish one thing at a time. Every business should learn to channelize their efforts to make it big and unique, that customer will perceive valuable to themselves.


Apple keeps on exploiting the connectivity across the products. The new connectivity features that allows each product to communicate with other products, giving the customer to explore the cross-product functionality and enjoy the unique experience. This will only make customer engage more in various products to increase utility.

Apple keeps on bringing in the new things, not just in terms of product but it also gives us the new perspective that we should learn from it-telling our story differently- “The Apple Way”