Today a group of young revolutionaries asked me how I arrived at my ‘worldview’. I wasn’t at all sure that I had one, and even if I did, I was very shy about offering prescriptions…

Then it came to me.

“One of the most empowering lessons I ever learned was the pure satisfaction of being able to stand up and yell BULLSHIT at the dried up authority figures that attempted to school me.

I would school myself, thank you very much.

Even though you may not feel you know the answers, you know enough to know that the posturing adults running the world around you do not have answers either. That is enough.
The legacy of their linear thinking are all too visible: war, famine, poverty, patriarchy, inequality and sectarianism.
With all your creativity and energy, you owe nothing to the naked emperor.

The most revolutionary act is claiming our own consciousness as sovereign. Trust your own intelligence and your own observation.
That can never be taken away or imprisoned. This silent revolution must precede all outward action or else action is blind.

Stop following, wipe your ass with the newspapers, turn off the TV, throw away your membership card, boycott the tent crusades and political rallies and instead seek out kindred spirits sharing your journey to freedom. All else will follow naturally.

Once bullshit is seen, it cannot be unseen.”