Let’s Rewrite Our Software

Chief Nyamweya
Sep 18, 2018 · 3 min read
A Hardcover copy of Art of Unlearning (2018) available on Indiegogo

This is the eighth in a series of blogs about the behind the scenes process of creating my graphic novel Art of Unlearning. In this series I explained that for much of the past two years, I was afforded the rare opportunity to unplug from civilization and its frantic stream of crisis news and technological bewilderment. I was determined to use this opportunity to go beyond critique — of which there is rarely a shortage — and to formulate a solution. In the solitary silence of the remote countryside, the solution came in the form of a 130 page ink illustrated book.

THE CHALLENGE — Human Behavior

At the molten core of all our global challenges is human behavior. We alone are the authors of the climate crisis, mass extinctions and every political crisis confronting us today. As the cost of solar energy continues to outperform fossil fuels, there is no longer an economic or technical argument against switching to renewable energy. More human beings now die of obesity each year than die of starvation thanks largely to our asymmetrical economic model. And despite the mounting evidence of technological unemployment, we blindly continue to educate our schoolchildren for a factory economy which no longer exists. We have all the means, but lack the will.

Nonetheless, I am glad to be alive at a time where these facts have become undeniable. We are quite likely the caterpillar that becomes the butterfly.

THE SOLUTION — Rewriting Our Software

If indeed human behavior is the epicenter of our multi-pronged crises, their solution will have to be a shift in human behavior. It is simultaneously as simple and as complex as that. So the question is: HOW CAN WE SHIFT HUMAN BEHAVIOR?

A good starting point would be to think of human beings as a kind of bio-computer with both hardware (physical bodies) and software (language/culture). Although our anatomical hardware hasn’t changed for thousands of generations, our cultural software is undergoing explosive growth. Look no further than the fact that you are reading this message on a technology that is likely incomprehensible to your grandfather.

No one human being can rewrite the entire cultural operating system on their own. But the individual can rewrite her own program or worldview and by so doing influence the operating system. We see this in the impact of inspired musicians such as Bob Marley or inspired scientists such as Albert Einstein.

If your worldview changes, it changes everything. This is the purpose for which Art of Unlearning was created.

ART OF UNLEARNING — How Gituma Unlocked his Mind

Art of Unlearning is the story of Gituma, the adventurous son of the dictator King Ego. He discovers his father’s role in a notorious atrocity. Unable to outrun the this trauma, his creative potential remains suffocated until he is challenged by three wise teachers who hold the keys to unlock his mind.

The three wise teachers represent the triune model of the human brain personified in story (brain stem, limbic system and neo-cortex). It is the perfect gift for anyone committed to discovering their innate potential, and by so doing rewriting the entire operating system. Are you ready?

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of the Unlearners who have supported this campaign so far. If you would like to help bring Art of Unlearning to the world, support our Indiegogo campaign by pre-ordering one out of eight available rewards including an autographed hard-copy below:

Chief Nyamweya

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Creator of graphic novel 'The Art of Unlearning' and other fun learning tools www.artofunlearning.com

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