3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Human Resources is a Must for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

Outsource Human Resources

Today’s pioneering executives and owners have learned that the life and strength of their companies are made excellent through stellar HR processes and services. For small to mid-sized businesses, this is the key to having a competitive advantage. So how do small and mid-sized businesses gain the same benefits as a big company’s human resources department? They outsource! Yes, outsourcing human resource functions to a trusted provider is essential to empowering all levels of operations in the workplace. Executives can enjoy doing what they do best while an outside power house handles everything from developing custom handbooks and employee/management training to payroll and keeping up with compliance laws.

Here are three reasons why small and mid-sized businesses should consider HR outsourcing:

Reduce Overhead & Labor Costs Drastically

Outsourcing saves you money! Normal overhead and labor costs fall between $65,000 and $85,000 per year. But with an outsourced HR department working on your behalf, it will cut that cost dramatically. Combining HR functions like payroll, hiring, 401(k) administration, performance management, unemployment claims, and more into one provider will cause your costs to drop. Depending on the agency, your business can also avoid salary and training costs that come along with in-house HR teams. The amount you save depends on your needs, the tasks you outsource, and the team you choose.

Have Experts Handle Terminations & Investigations

Of course you don’t want to be forced to take your focus away from the business to deal with the cumbersome. Business owners should be dealing with excelling team performance and productivity, not toiling with terminations and investigations. Outsourcing human resources can cover you in this area. Termination and investigation interviews are known to become emotionally charged and unhinged quickly. It’s ideal to have an advisable HR expert present as an unbiased party to control and devise these types of situations throughout the process.

Improve with Remarkable On-boarding Services

Candidate-to-employee transitions are critical. In order to maximize the likelihood of new hires becoming effective, long-lasting employees in your company, utilize the on-boarding services through an HR outsourcing company. Free yourself from the difficult interview process, with hours of filtering through interview documents, trying to figure out if particular candidates are truly qualified, and pondering on salary negotiations. Outsourcing with a firm that provides remarkable on-boarding will help you create consistency, ensure I-9 compliance, and eliminate room for error.

The strength of every company starts from the inside. Build your small or mid-sized business strong and long-lasting by outsourcing to an all-star HR team.

“Lakeisha Robichaux is a Business and Human Resources Strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and scale their business. Her services include business coaching and consulting, human resources, strategic planning, and systems and process creation. Learn more about Lakeisha and her company at http://www.lakeisharobichaux.com