Just The Tip, One Minute…

“Nne, biko…only the tip, it won’t go inside, bikonu”

The pressure is on men to think that lasting longer is key to sexual bliss. This create lots of mental pressure on some men who think that it’s the best thing to do if you can come up longer than an hour.

I don’t know, what you are thinking?


Is that what Jesus died for?

To think it is plausible to contain the pressure and strain over a fluid act is naivety. It is safe to relate this narrative to the dynamics in today’s sex culture, from porn to the social media bragging of how long is normal. It can’t go further than that — it’s the prevailing sexual dynamism.

We do have the one — minute women, too. They drool over every touch. It is safe to say that a wet cunt isn’t orgasm — just so you know. The good thing about the female orgasm is it can come in multiple times. It is in the nature of some to bodily shut down once they are on — the first orgasm. That’s the one-minute woman. Another may delay her orgasm. Whichever way it is, guys should understand that it’s a good thing to know the basics of female anatomy. Understanding that every thrust should be a memory to remember and not Royal Rumble. It’s in dots and batches, connecting in bits and time, per thrust.


I think it’s cool to seek for pleasure and not orgasm, that, you can save lots of strength trying to wag.

‘Take it jejely’ 😂

There is a lots more to sex than just guiding a bolt through the nut.

Emm…another thing, write in down.

There is no research that says it should be more than two minutes or must be 30 minutes (30 kee, what are you doing?) before she gets down really cool. Some dudes ejaculates real good, in their pants, when they sight a good ‘behind’ or something similar. Don’t stress bro...

But this piece isn’t about sex. It’s not about the one-man or woman. It’s a about rape and it’s colossal damage in our society.

On the January 14th, a friend was raped. I have heard and read about rape and it’s damaging effects on the victim’s psychic. It was a sad thing to hear. The prevailing circumstances in Africa is not encouraging this discourse.

Rape of the girl child and boy child. Marital abuse. Africa is too religious to talk about sex and to think of forceful sex, na! Wetin concern us!

My friend, she was raped by her Uncle. A visiting Uncle and I saw firsthand, the gullibility of a rape victim. The blackmail and shaming. And I pondered, deeply, if rape victims are the cause of their fate? Can there be any justification for rape?

Rape is simply a sexual act and assault without the person’s consent. Once there is not consent, it’s rape. Even a wife or a girlfriend. Male or a female.

It is rape if s/he says NO.

“Nne, biko…only the tip, it won’t go inside, bikonu”, if he uses that line often, he’s probably a rapist, if not, potentially.