In some cases, you are called to a meeting at work. You might, over the course of the meeting, be told to do something but still not be confident about how to start because of a higher domain or not enough context of the problems. Although you might feel informed during the meeting, you still need to keep asking for information to have a better understanding of problem space. Here is how I move through my process when being asked to do a project.

When I am still not sure about what to do after the meeting, I try to find someone who can provide information for me. I prepare myself with the questions before reaching out to them. My initial questions would be ‘What are goals we are trying to accomplish?’, ‘Why are we doing this?’, ‘Who is it for?’, ‘What are their goals?’, etc. I let them tell our user’s stories or sometimes even have them role play as my users. Then, I could conduct online research on my own to get a better understanding of problem space. …

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