What the heck is an Instagram habit and why do I care?
Nicole Delabrer

Being a lover of food and a person who frequently take pictures of his food before eating, I found this article very interesting and splendidly done! You brought up a question that I ask myself all too often on whether or not we’re more interested in the immediate straight forward answers rather than a detailed evaluation report on certain food and restaurants. I believe that it really all depends on the preference of the person. There are those who like the short and simple and there are those who like the long and critical. I personally go straight to Yelp when I want to look up a new restaurant to get the opinions on what other people think of the place and to look at the photos of how their food look. I think that as social media technology continues to grow, so should the people. In your case, the food journalists should embrace the simplicity that Instagram has to offer but at the same time, should add their own flare to it.

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