YouTube Black

I love watching YouTube. I watch YouTube every single day, I obviously watch it more than TV and it provides me with quick entertainment with real people and the option of pausing. I have subscribed to many channels those of which have a large range of subscribers but I have noticed that there are very few “black” youtubers.

Of course there are a few and I am subscribed to some but they aren’t very promoted. This hasn’t actually bothered me enough to make an issue out of it , but it did bother Akilah Hughes who wrote an article about YouTube’s failure to “promote creators of color.” This article sparked a new event called #YouTubeBLACK. This event was designed to try to even out the playing field for YouTube creators of all races.

It was brought to my attention when two of my favorite youtubers posted vlogs about the event and when it began to trend on Twitter.

8:35-end is the actual event through her eyes. Whitney “Naptural85” is a natural hair YouTuber who also vlogs her family life with her Brazilian husband and their young daughter.
0:00–8:25 is the actual event, Jamie and Nikki are an interracial couple living in Australia and vlogging their family life including their individual families, their marriage and their newborn daughter.

It was very nice to see this event and at times in the videos there are people who meet the YouTubers and say that they are grateful to them for being role models in a world that thinks that people of color are “ghetto”, “uneducated”, and dangerous. When I watched them, it wasn’t about their color it was about who they were and I think that’s why people appreciate them, for taking color out of the equation and judging based on character. With YouTube taking a big step like this its only a matter of time before other social media and websites start doing the same. We need to even the social media playing field and this was a large step towards fulfilling that goal.

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