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Civic Tech Advocates Around the World, Unite!

Civic participation in politics should come as natural as breathing, something that cannot be deprived from anyone.

In recent years, the “civic tech” or “democracy tech” movement has become a breath of fresh air for advocates of greater civic participation in politics. Through tech, ordinary citizens can engage with their government and society like never before.

Civic tech has gone on to become a global movement, and has become a new tool used by communities around the world to spur on civic participation, crowd sourcing, open data, and government transparency. The “g0v” community has played an instrumental role in Taiwan’s civic tech movement. But for g0v to have lasting impact, it needs to reach out to a global audience.

“g0v news” is that platform. We want to let the world know about the achievements of the civic tech community, and also its shortcomings. Most of all, we want to connect the “open source” community to the rest of the world.

We believe “g0v” isn’y simply a group of dedicated citizens, it’s also a philosophy that embodies an “open” approach to collaboration. Our reporting will attempt to embody the spirt of g0v.

g0v news will report on civic tech communities around Asia, and look at how regional politics, language, culture, and basic infrastructure complicates and enriches these communities.

Reporting on civic tech and open government in Taiwan, the greater Asia region, and around the world is a new frontier. A blank canvas that awaits an artist.

We’ve chosen to breath life into the stories of the civic tech community, to help the world understand the possibilities of a more fulfilling civic and political life through innovation and technology.

We hope you enjoy reading our news reports, as much as we enjoy writing them.

- the g0v news team

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