Brace Yourselves for the Exclusive Chihua NFChi Presale!

We’re extremely excited to announce the NFChi presale!

If you are passionate about NFTs like we are, this is your opportunity to own special-themed NFChi’s that will be released to the Chihua community first. You’re on the ground floor of something magnificent!

The NFChi Collection will consist of 25 Chihua themed NFTs, each represented by unique creature characters, ranging from Spider-Chi superpowers to Chibot robot strength. Each NFChi- themed NFT will be available in five different color tiers, ranked by rarity.

Card Details & Loot Boxes

The different tiers and percentages for each card type are as follows:

  • Bronze: Common (50%)
  • Silver: Uncommon (25%)
  • Gold: Rare (15%)
  • Platinum: Ultra-rare (7%)
  • Diamond: Secret (3%)

The Diamond tier is extremely rare and is considered the holy grail of the NFChi ecosystem. The Diamond tier will be highly sought out by NFT collectors and is the most valuable in the NFChi Collection.

Select NFChi NFTs will be sold only during the presale and can be purchased with $BNB. Collectors will be able to trade NFTs amongst each other to work toward earning a Diamond NFChi NFT.

After the presale, Loot Boxes will be available for purchase with $CHIPUP.

You can view our spreadsheet of NFChi’s here.

Please note that for the presale only, NFChi’s can be purchased by sending $BNB to one of the provided contract addresses on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BSC wallet you use to send the funds will also be where your NFChi’s is delivered.

Starter Packs

We’ve created 5 different packs, each coming in limited quantities and containing a mixture of different card tiers:

  • Starter: 180 available packs with Bronze tier only (0.2 $BNB per pack)
  • Medium: 20 available packs with Bronze and Silver tiers (0.6 $BNB per pack)
  • Pro: 160 available packs with Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers (1.2 $BNB per pack)
  • Specialist: 90 available packs with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and platinum tiers (2.2 $BNB per pack)
  • All-in: 30 available packs with all 5 tiers (4.2 $BNB per pack)

Each starter pack will be assigned its own token contract address (a total of 5 different wallet addresses) on BSC where you can send your $BNB for purchase.

Presale Stages

There will be a total of five different color combinations of NFChi’s to be collected:

  • 25 Bronze & 15 Silver
  • 25 Silver & 10 Gold
  • 25 Gold & 5 Platinum
  • 25 Platinum
  • 10 Diamond

Our NFChi NFT launch will consist of two stages:

Stage 1 will be comprised of NFChi Starter Packages to build your NFT collection faster. There will be 5 presale packages to choose from, and choices will range from Starter to All In. The All In package will contain 1 rare Diamond NFChi NFT and only be available during the presale.

Stage 2 NFChi Loot Boxes will hold 4 unknown NFChi NFTs and will be priced at 50 $CHIPUP. The Loot Boxes will be stacked randomly, and the NFChi NFTs will range from common to rare.

If you’re one of the first to collect the above combinations, you’ll be eligible to receive one of the 5 Diamond NFChi NFTs. These 5 Diamond NFTs will give you a chance to win up to 25 $BNB (dependent on the presale, and payable when they’ve all found a new owner).

Get ready to participate in the presale, open Loot Boxes, and trade NFChi NFTs. Please follow our blog so you don’t miss this exciting NFChi NFT launch!

Learn More

To learn more about our project, make sure to follow us on our website and social media channels below:



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