This is a true story.

Few years back I felt in love with this incredible man who has everything that I could ever dream of. However, it wasn’t the right time for us, and it will never be. After seeing each other for a few times, he let go. The feeling of despair got me until this day. During a business trip we went on, we met up, I was weak and I was lonely. We both knew this was going to end, and it’s going to hurt, but he was so gentle and kind like he has always been. I needed him as much as he needed me then.

I thought to myself everyday, why did I have to love a man that I can never have? I will never have an answer, neither has him. A heartbreak feeling leaves me hopeless. He was always in my thoughts, just as I thought I bury the memories deep, a few warm caring words brought me right back to where I was left in heartbreak.

I can’t move on, I don’t think I can. I don’t want to.

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