On Exploring and Designing for Memory Impairments in Depression by ChengCheng Qu et al.

Chi-Jui Wu 吳啟瑞
Apr 19 · 2 min read

Depression is a mental disorder with memory impairments that causes low mood and affects the person’s sense of self. In her paper “Exploring and Designing for Memory Impairments in Depression,” ChengCheng Qu shares her invaluable insights from an interview study with therapists who work with people with depression, finished with her own vision for human-centric technologies that mitigate depression through positive reinforcement while respecting one’s vulnerability, self-identity, and life stories. It’s truly inspiring to see this paper finally in publication.

Continually learning and reflecting about our impairments in human life has been tremendously useful for developing empathy. It makes us become more aware of the life challenges that exist and the people (including ourselves) who are struggling. How could we live a life where we are courageous to tackle the life challenges and help others with theirs? A life where we may find strengths to learn from negative memories and enrich positive memories. Where we may see from an alternative perspective of the universe a tiny spark of positivity that will empower us to grow.

At times, we may feel hopeless to find a way out of negativity. Yet, our well-being depends on just the small belief that something good will happen. Through positive relationships and increased self-awareness — of our abilities and achievements, and of the time we have — we may find ourselves closer to the person we aspire to become, closer to a place where negativity could not have taken us. In practice, plan and take actions that make us happy and fulfilled. Strive towards a balanced configuration of self-identity.

To all our inspirations in life, shall we become self-actualized.

Chi-Jui Wu 吳啟瑞

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I read, write, and reflect on human lives. Previously HCI Researcher @ Lancaster, UCL, and St Andrews. Website: https://chijuiwu.space/

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