Goals are dreams with deadlines

My experience in Andela Bootcamp is rejuvenating

Look around you, what do you see? What do I see. I see movements, nothing stands still in this life. One has to be active in every sense to maintain a height or to progress. If you aspire to be a world class developer, you have to work hard for it. You can’t just lie on your bed and expect your dream to come through. You have to give in so much of your time and effort in order to attain to greatness.

I am here again to tell you my experience in Andela bootcamp day II. I have become more disciplined since I attended the bootcamp. So far the journey still continues to be tough and challenging. If you are not strong mentally, you will redraw yourself from the bootcamp process. Every bootcampers is given a daily task to accomplish and submit before 5pm, even after submission you are still preoccupied with other stuffs like responding to feedback, learning ahead of tomorrow’s tasks, making corrections, keeping yourself abreast of information. I discipline myself so hard that I only sleep for three hours each time I feel my body system in shutting down.

All this process stretches me seriously that I feel I would break, at my body system become inactive and less responsive. At this point, I stop whatever I am currently doing, set alarm to wake me in the next 2–3 hours. On few occasions, I slept so deeply and I did not hear the alarm ring. That depicts how strenuous and intensive this bootcamp exercise is. The way I perceive success now as changed, success is what you must work for, success is a pursuit that is tenacious.

But the funny side of it is that after all this struggle, I always find myself to be happy, satisfied, passionate and goal oriented to do more. It is a sweet-pain as I have said. I love what I do and I do what I love. The passion and zeal is still burning. Andela has reinvented me. What can I say, I looked back and I can see the difference between now and then.

Personally, applying for this programme has made me more persistent, highly goal driven, self-confidence, and consistent in facing more challenges in life. For me this is a life changing experience.

Thanks to Andela.