We Can’t Have a Conversation Without Cell Phone.

Nowadays, almost everyone use a social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Chat apps, to contact with family, friends, co-worker, and so on.

Among of them, Facebook is the most famous social media app in the world. We can share and know a feelings and news. In addition, we can contact each other threw the Facebook.

It is definitely useful, but we might lean on it too much.

What is the problem with Social Media?

Thanks to this system, we do not need to go to meet friends or calling to friends when we have some stories which let friends know. Also we can connect with anybody even people who never meet.

Based on my friend’s experience, she wrote her information about which college will she go. After that, many people sent her text threw Facebook and propose her to be friends. She got many friends before she entered a college, but after she enter college, these friends never talked to her even they met on campus and she reach and try to have a conversation with them: However , they did text her. She was pretty confused about it. She asked them why they don’t talk with her but text with her. The reason was pretty simple; they are SHY!

When I go outside, I saw many people who look down: look into their cellphone. Also I saw people use cellphone for long time even though they are with friends.

We must addicted to cell phone too much, and it makes get rid of opportunity which we talk with someone from us. We need to be independent from excellent devil gadget; cellphone.

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