FaceBook Memories

“If people knew how time really works — they would never leave home” I read that in a book once — never forgot it — it’s a great line. I think it’s largely true, time is somewhat allusive and like God — beyond human comprehension, which is one reason I really like the Facebook memories feature.

It surprises you with a snapshot of exactly where you were and what you were doing on a given day — 1, 2 or even 4 years behind, particularly interesting for someone like me who is quite suspicious and takes notice of dates etc.

Yesterday I was reminded of my FIRST COLLECTION the first commercial work I produced to sell to ACTUAL people….the first PRO SHOOT I coordinated and the first line I ever SOLD online.

“If you’re selling a product to consumers — it has to be perfect”

Like all good MEMORIES, I was suddenly flooded with a number of associated positive memories, like my first online sale.

I remember my EXACTLY where I was, it was a Sunday, I was asleep on my parents couch In Atlanta, fresh from my accelerator programme demo week

Demo Day on fleek

— I woke up to a PayPal transfer — 🤑🤑🤑 in my account — from someone I didn’t know.

NOW — in life, few things are ever “better than sex” as people often say — but selling something, that came from an IDEA in your HEAD + a lot of hard work, to someone that you never met is close….very very close, maybe even BETTER.

When I look at this picture I have so many fond memories, but I also see the IMPERFECTIONS, like the horrible fold of the the stomach area — owing to the stiff Vlisco wax material that doesn’t drape well OR feel very SOFT to touch.

I actually shut down the webstore not long after. Even though I was getting some 🤑in — I wasn’t proud of the product, I thought it could be BETTER.

I wanted to sell a BRAND — a promise — A1 product — not just a ANYTHING, there is too much of that around, the last thing I want to do is add to landfill.

My perspective made the process a bit longer and harder, which is why I’m excited about TODAY!

Today I’m going to my agent to pick up the samples for the NEW COLLECTION:

Male and Female, high quality, luxurious, soft to touch material (Silk and Tencel)

Print on Silk

It’s taken some time ~ 2 years according to Facebook, but Im proud of what I’ve created, the value chain I’ve put together and the fact that we now have a brand and amazing product that could be in Harrods or Selfridges (very soon).

To stay in the loop stop by: www.wallsofbenin.com

coming back soon…..😎