Hello everybody in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and here in the United States: We are today 23 October, 2015 officially launching the petition campaign “Investigate and Expose President Barack Obama and People of Mexican Origin For Crimes Against Humanity”.

The campaign is being undertaken under the auspices of “Exposing Crimes Against Humanity Against Journalist, Political Activist and Christian Activist Chikeluba Kenechukwu By The Obama Administration And People of Mexican And Latin American Origin Committee”. If you would like to be a member of the committee please it would be a great pleasure to have you join it. You do not need to join it to sign the petition. But if you would like to join it we most gladly would welcome you.

You can find details of the petition campaign in the following places:

— www.ipetitions.com:http://www.ipetitions.com/…/exposing-crimes-against-humanit…

— www.change.org: https://www.change.org/p/nigerians-african-people-the-world…

— www.causes.org: https://www.causes.com/…/96738-expose-crimes-against-humani…

— the petitionsite.com: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/224/566/726/

We invite you all to go to these petition websites and others that we are going to create soon to:

— Sign the petition

— Join people in America, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia in calling radio and television stations, calling and contacting newspapers and Internet news portals and informing the editors and journalists about these terrible crimes against humanity and human rights abuses that, if not investigated and exposed, will help to entrench oppressive tyranny in America and all over the world.

— Join people all over the world in contacting human rights organizations (both national and international ones) about these crimes against humanity

— Join people all over the world in contacting the United Nations Human Rights Council to ask for investigation and accountability

— Join people all over the world in creating your own petition campaign on the above petitions websites (change.org, ipetitions.org, causes.org, thepetitionsite.org) calling for full investigation and accountability.

— Join people all over the world in establishing blogs or using your own blog to highlight these crimes against humanity and human rights abuses and advocating for full investigation and accountability,

— Join people all over the world in staging peaceful protests calling for full investigation and accountability.

— Etc.

Remember that what is at stake has enormous implications for you personally, for your country and society and for the hundreds of millions of people that inhabit the different nations of this world: it is whether dictators or dictators-in-the-making will be allowed to get away with the slaughter of innocent children, women and men to cover their evil deeds or whether the world will stand up and say “When you caused, instigated, ordered, condoned the slaughter of innocent children, women and men to arrogantly cover your evil deeds and perpetuate the reign of oppressive tyranny in the world, you crossed a redline for which the world will make you to render full accountability. it is one thing to oppress and suppress your perceived political enemies. It is another thing to order, instigate or condone the deliberate, pre-meditated slaughter of innocent babies, children, women and men to serve as expendable sacrificial lambs for your tyrannical propensities; it is whether a foundation for the most terrible crimes against humanity ever perpetrated that will eventually be employed by both governmental and non-governmental entities to oppress and dehumanize millions of people worldwide will be allowed to be established by impunity or whether the world will rise up and say, “never!”; it is whether lawlessness and arrogant tyranny will be allowed to triumph or whether the rule of law, the protection of inalienable human rights and liberties will be wisely and courageously defended by you and the rest of the people of the world…

Despite the momentary ability of tyrants and tyrants-in-the-making to spread fear and to intimidate, it is, as history past and recent, have shown, relatively easy to confront and decisively defeat tyranny and oppressiveness in all the forms they come.

All it takes is for the people to come out in force calling for justice and accountability — recalling the adage “there is power in numbers” — and and the long reign of tyranny will collapse immediately. And the tyrants will now be the ones at the receiving end of fear — fear of facing exposure and accountability for the unspeakable evils they did with such arrogant wantonness and impunity.

Such an overwhelming mass participation in the defeat of murderous and oppressive tyranny may start with just five people appending their signatures to the petition… and then fifty… and then… and… and it will keep multiplying….and the end result will be the decisive defeat of murderous and oppressive tyranny and a freer and better world for everyone.

We ask that you massively spread the word around about this petition campaign by:

— retweeting and retweeting the twitter messages calling on people to participate in the campaign

— inviting tens and hundreds of your Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Pininterest, and other social media friends and followers to participate in the petition campaign

— Etc

We will be keeping you regularly updated regarding the progress of the petition campaign.

Our profound thanks and gratitude to everyone that participates in one way or another in these petition campaigns that will play a pivotal role in determining whether the rest of the 21st Century will be one characterised by the rule of law, strong defense and protection of the rights and liberties of everyone in every spot in the world — — or whether it will be cemented in tyranny, oppression, and the willful slaughter of the innocent.

Mr. Chikeluba Kenechukwu

Journalist, Political Commentator, Political Activist

Mr. Chikeluba Kenechukwu

Founder, 21st Century African Renaissance Movement

El Paso, Texas, United States

Phone: 915.241.1570

Twitter: @chikeluba51