They’ll not find you in my inbox or contact list.Not even in my social media accounts. I’ll not even mention your name to them. Like you never existed. They’ll not find you anywhere but in the drafts of my emails,every poem I ever wrote,every time when someone asked me”How are you feeling?” They’ll find you in every corner of me.

And when I go to college in the morning people ask me,”So are you over him?”

I wonder why I don’t have an answer for such a simple question. Yes, I forgot how you sound but I still remember your no. The memory of your smell is faded but I still know how your arms felt. I forgot how you broke my heart but still remember how you loved me once.

Initially I had to wrestle my body who believed your arms were home. Then my heart that I knew belonged to you, loved you unconditionally and then I had to fight my soul which was entwined with yours.

And soon I realised was going in vain. But I still had to fight because I knew I felt you in my bones yet you were not mine to be repaired. And eventually with time everything will fade and I will remain with the memories of us, the happy ones. And that’s when I had finally let you go. Until then every cell,every atom in me had to fight.

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