FarmLand | Rarity Reveal
6 min readFeb 27, 2022


chikn is growing up.

Your very own upgradable Farm.

From humble beginnings huddled together in the coop, to free-range roaming through the sprawling fields of FarmLand.

From a niche community of dreamers to over 10k followers on Twitter.

From handsome jpegs of chikn, to revolutionary Tri-Tokenomics and the invention of gamified Farming.

No longer just a niche, an idea, a dream — the game has been changed.

Our NFT farming architecture has set a precedent, now with close to $3m in egg liquidity, $1m of which is permanent.

Egg burning rates have skyrocketed, with 100,000 egg tokens burned in the last week alone. Daily burn rates are averaging over 15k egg. Deflation is here.

We’ve come so far, yet we’re still so early — with so much more to come.

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The Features

FarmLand is your upgradeable, gamified LP Farming NFT.

— Every time you expand your FarmLand, it grows by +1 bigness.
This means you can hold 1000 more FEED rewards before having to harvest from your Farm.

— Max out at 120 bigness. Here lies the El Dorado of FarmLand — infinite capacity.

— And soon you will be able to fertilize your FarmLand to raise those multipliers well beyond the current 4x. At this point, you will definitely need enough bigness to hold all of your rewards!

It’s incredibly exciting to reveal the rarity dynamics of your FarmLand NFT. Of course, it's not what you would expect.

There are mysteries hiding around every corner on your FarmLand.

As was revealed on our Farming Launch, your FarmLand NFTs are all unique, algorithmically generated, and constantly revealing pieces of metaverse art.

On top of the groundbreaking utility built into your FarmLand NFT, upgrading your FarmLand’s bigness reveals new traits in your surroundings.

Example of a completed ‘120 bigness’ FarmLand — with UNCAPPED capacity.

In total there are 120 levels of bigness to explore the full extent of your FarmLand. Every increase costs the current bigness of your FarmLand in $EGG , all of which burned.

You will reveal a new block on your FarmLand approximately every 5 bigness. This continues all the way up to a 5x5 block, with 24 additional tiles and traits to your base Farm.

Bigness can only be increased three times per day, leading to a 40 days minimum time to reach level 120 — to get those tasty uncapped LP Farming harvests.

Along the way, you may encounter a number of practical, aesthetic and downright curious traits on your land. Find an Ancient Pyramid, a Giant’s Graveyard, or Strike gold, and you could be standing on a very rare plot indeed.

The Numbers

Rarities for FarmLand are different to your typical NFT, as they are revealed over the lifespan of the NFT rather than all at once. As each farm upgrades, new traits are revealed.

Accordingly, we cannot reveal the full distribution of rarity ranks, or everyone would know what traits would appear on their land. Instead, we are sharing the percentage likelihood of every trait occurring when a new block is revealed.

Each FarmLand block reveal is a mini-mint, a pull from a pokemon booster pack, a mystery treasure chest. These are your odds for ‘striking gold’ on your land.

The metadata of FarmLand NFTs is hidden from the blockchain, but will be presented at As you upgrade, traits and their rarities will begin to appear on your FarmLand NFT page, just like chikn traits.

Of course this rarity does not take into account the bigness of your land, much like the KG of your chikn.

Floor-Price Tiers

Front of mind is the importance of floor-prices in the secondary market to enable liquidity and price discovery. However, using rarity-based floor-prices would mean knowing and revealing the traits of every FarmLand. Boo.

In an unprecedented move, FarmLand floor prices on our secondary market will be based on their Bigness rather than Rarity. The range of 120 bigness levels will be divided into categories and displayed atop the marketplace, akin to our standard rarity tiers.

Bigness-based floor-pricing ensures the market can find adequate minimum pricing for FarmLand NFTs, based on their intrinsic utility and the EGG burned to achieve it. This means, as your expand your FarmLand you directly influence its fair value.

This is a novel means of backing the value of your FarmLand — with the value of all EGG burned to expand your FarmLand. Yes, backed rather than ‘pegged’ — as there are additional elements of your FarmLand to price-in, such as traits, rarity, aesthetics and fertility.

And Remember: If you don’t have one of the rarest traits on your FarmLand, it doesn’t mean your FarmLand may not indeed turn out to be the rarest. In the end, the combination of each tile’s rarity + the overall aesthetic/composition of your FarmLand, is what will really set apart its desirability.

FarmLand presents an entirely new meta to trading and sniping NFTs. The combination of statistical rarities with egg value burned to reveal them, means rare traits become intrinsically more valuable. Expect to see these dynamics reflected on in the coming days.

FAQ — FarmLand Activation

Activating a FarmLand sets your current LP Farming capacity and multiplier.

Your harvest capacity is based in the active Farmland’s bigness, and multiplier based on its fertility.

If you don’t have an active FarmLand, then you will revert to a base LP-Farm — where capacity and fertility are capped at the base level. This means a capacity of 1000 FEED and a static 4x fertility multiplier.

You don’t need to activate your FarmLand NFT to expand it.

For those who own multiple FarmLand NFTs, activate one to use, expand and fertilize for your LP Farming, but keep upgrading the rest for trait & rarity reveals, as well as better price-discovery on the secondary market.

In Summary

The technical utility of your FarmLand, combined with the aesthetic desirability of a constantly expanding NFT — sets it apart as the most comprehensive plot of Metaverse land in the space.

As the chikn ecosystem expands and our products continue to rollout, FarmLand will be pivotal as a means of accumulation and storage.

If your FarmLand isn’t big enough, you might not have room for anyone — or anything — that happens to drop by…

You know what they say — the bigger the bigness, the better the odds… right?

Yours in bigness.
bok bok,
chikn Team.