//State of the Chikn #6

The third quarter is here. So what’s to come?

7 min readJul 3, 2022

Always building, Always growing. Chikn is life.

These coqs sure are taking shape…

Foreword — Perennial szn

Winter is upon us, and who knows for how long. None of us can tell the future, but we can work on being present. The thesis hasn’t changed and the crypto network is growing exponentially over the long term — but only the diligent, disciplined and considered will ‘make it’. Remember to take time away from the charts and focus on what’s important, friends and family, stretching, deep breaths, and collecting your eggs in the crisp winter mornings.

At Chikn, we love to build. Line go up, candle go down — it makes no difference to us. Our tokenomics are market-price agnostic — Chikn is a game, and a resilient one at that. Despite all the drama playing out on the world stage, our little isolated slice of the metaverse remains incredibly stable. We want you to enjoy the experience of owning your NFTs, and let us carry the burden of building and delivering more great stuff for you. Devs love self flagellation — it’s just factos.

As addressed in our last biweekly dev talk, we hear your recent questions about communication, technical support and our marketing style. Up until this point we have been operating under the principle of say nothing until it’s ready, and teasing only tid-bits of alpha. Being flirtatious with our plans yet diligent behind the scenes worked very well in a bull market — and we must say it’s been fun — although perhaps a little too effective for some people (looking at you, Duke 👀).

However, now the tone has shifted, the project has matured and the sentiment doesn’t quite warrant this approach anymore. From here, our community can expect more security, assurance, long term vision — we are all in this together and wagmi awaits.

As for technical support, there have been a slew of contract upgrades and security measures implemented over the last few weeks and we appreciate your patience. There have been minor hiccups which resulted in some lost feeding progress and unclaimed tokens. We endeavour to distribute compensatory funds wherever reasonable and we’re sure our community can attest to our generosity. We are in a good position and aren’t looking to implement further security or contract upgrades in the near future. Albeit important, this has been a distraction for the devs with regards to our main product line, and now we are moving onwards with confidence.

Metaverse assets

The metaverse, virtual reality, virtual real estate — all these fun buzzwords may seem more vacuous than 12 months ago, and rightfully so when the euphoria wears off and the reality sets in. What are we left with after the hype? Not the shiny 3d environments, not the clunky virtual reality headsets, and certainly not Facebook.

Interoperability and continuity of ownership is what’s left, and is what distinguishes the metaverse from web2.0. In the metaverse you can own something and take it to another platform which will respect that ownership. This could be anything from bitcoin, an NFT, your personal data or your entire online identity. It sounds simple, but this completely subverts the web2.0 monetization paradigm. We always have and always will operate on these principles and ensure you retain full custody of all your tokens in an open source and transparent manner.

Chikn is metaverse ready on these principles alone, but we are taking it to the next level and investing in generating the entire Chikn ecosystem in 3D assets. While it’s easy to roll ones eyes at what Facebook has done to influence the concept of the metaverse, it would be naive to not respect it. The layman considers the metaverse to be in 3D with virtual reality and digital land, and we shall accommodate.

The Chikn Universe is growing…by a whole dimension!

We’re pleased to announce that our friendship with well-known community contributor Rhys Eddy has blossomed into a working relationship. Rhys is adding his considerable 3D technical skills to the team, to help translate our beloved 2D poultry into their higher dimensions. His meticulous hand and keen eye impressed us early and we’re glad to have him on board.

Internally, we have also been experimenting with augmented reality and we’re looking more into the 3D printing options (thanks for reaching out after the dev talk!). More on these fronts as we go. There’s so much more fun to be had as we scale upwards and outwards, and these assets will continue to bring value to the Chikn ecosystem, and our interoperability with other projects in the metaverse. As the project grows, expect to see your NFTs in several renditions and styles. Go show Rhys some love — and no, he isn’t going to leak you any alpha 😏

Behind the scenes look at some 3D production 👀

The Website. The Farm. The place we call home.

Website and UI updates sneak peak! We are polishing up the website, improving the user experience and giving the Chikn Farm an overall makeover. Expect this to make farming and feeding your coq easier and more pleasant. Contract upgrades and versioning will also be made easier to ensure smooth migrations in the future. We are also including an announcements page on the website which will notify everyone of important ecosystem developments; great suggestion from the community to take comms further outside of the Discord! Overall, we are leaning more into the gamification elements of Chikn and skinning everything accordingly. These improvements won’t all come at once, but piece by piece they will transform the entire website.

Concept gamification of the LP Farm UX
New wallet page preliminary designs —including explorer!

Other Updates

Mini Games — The mechanics are completed and the gameplay is being developed by the same brilliant minds working on Coqfighting. Sherbok is keenly awaiting legal advice on the implications of K-level thinking on the release of mini-games. For anyone looking to do some research and preparation — Tom Scotts game show series “Money” is well worth checking out. Social and conversational elements are key to mini games; the silver-tongued among us will thrive.

CoqFight — Initial game development is coming along well, progressing at a steady pace. Through the R&D and production process, we’re identifying more and more opportunities for layers of gameplay. From animation move sets to visual effects — it’s going to be a lot of fun. Front of mind is keeping the processing overhead light, so that’s going to be fast and responsive to use. At the moment we’re aiming for a small set of supported browsers to allow us to fine tune initial versions without worrying who is still using Netscape Navigator.

Breeding — We are continuing to develop the breeding mechanics and the design of these cute little buggers. The offspring of chikn and Roostr will be an integral piece of the ecosystem moving forward. The principles behind our breeding gameplay will subvert many of the core expectations surrounding NFTs to deliver a truly innovative experience.

What else is happening?

We have been regularly meeting with Avalabs to progress our subnet. The 2000 AVAX required to run a node is looking plenty reasonable in this market. Devs working on testnet deployment and technical intricacies.

We continue to meet with heavy hitters — and we mean heavy — in the NFT space and beyond in an effort to not only set the foundations for Eggnite, but also to expand and bolster the AVAX NFT ecosystem as a whole. Don’t underestimate how many eyes are on the Avalanche blockchain as a leading Layer 1 platform, and who’s looking to capitalise on this market.

Taxes and legal stuff — it’s the end of FY and we’ve also had to do all our boring company stuff. This includes navigating the legal implications of our gamified products. It’s a minefield to operate legitimately in this space, especially in this market. But we have world class lawyers and accountants who are experts specifically in cryptocurrency! This isn’t so much an exciting development as it is peace of mind for our community; that we spare no efforts in making sure this ecosystem (and the company behind it) is as robust as humanly possible.

Monthly meeting is now scheduled with our mods, and generally empowering them is incredibly important to us! We love you mods! In these bearish winter times, all mods take a lot of heat and the brunt of market sentiment from the broader community, so an enormous thank you for always upholding the values of the chikn fam while also keeping spirits so high!

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Lots more happening, lots more coming!
Bok bok,
The Chikn Team.