//State of the chikn.

3 min readNov 14, 2021


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The MINT IS LIVE at https://chikn.farm and is selling strong! We pride ourselves on our organic growth, much like that of our chikn, and the community we’ve already developed is astounding. Thank you all for such a smooth beginnings to the launch of the chikn NFT ecosystem. It’s humbling to cluck before such a fantastic burgeoning coop, and as the mint continues we’re only getting biggr #nc.

We’ve taken in a lot of your incredible feedback and questions regarding the future of the ecosystem and our Tri-Token bgaarkitecture, so thought we’d take this opportunity to explore developments, prospects and the future of chikn.

Our Current Top Priorities

Secondary marketplace

We are currently focusing on improving our secondary marketplace based on community feedback, and improving the overall user experience. Major upgrades coming up include:

  • Pagination
  • Filtering (price, date, token number)
  • Metrics (floor price, volume, average price)
  • Swapping and bidding for chikn
  • Quality of life updates
the chikn marketplace in action

Building community and partners

  • After making such a big splash on mint we have been in contact with influencers, partner NFT projects and builders on the avalanche network.
  • Our Discord and Twitter are growing exponentially as more come for the chikn and stay for the community.
  • We are actively driving the memetics, virality and desirability of chikn.
  • Our priority is now leveraging our growth to provide the highest quality infrastructure and technology for our community.

Rarity and Contract Release Update

Rarity Reveal

We have worked hard to ensure an even playing field during the mint, ensuring that rarities cannot be gamed or sniped too early. The full rarities will be released imminently.

Once 100% of chikn are minted the art and metadata will be immutably published to IPFS.

Contract Release

Plenty of chooks are keen on sticking their beaks into our contract to do their due diligence, which we absolutely respect.

We have published the mint contract to github here: https://github.com/chiknfarm/contract/blob/main/ChickenRunV3.sol

The contract is upgradeable and future changes may occur to enable the growth of the chikn ecosystem.

Next Steps ($egg, $feed)

Our next focus for $egg and $feed is refining the tokenomics and working toward building liquidity pools across major exchanges.

We are already in touch with leading avalanche exchanges and builders to ensure our implementation is secure, functional and scalable.

Security is front of mind and we will be getting our codebase professionally audited. Goal is for release in December 2021. Your chikn will lay it, and soon.

Gamification and Beyond…

We’ve fielded many questions about the future of $egg.

Beyond laying and farming, the token will fuel a vast community-driven economy within the chikn ecosystem.

Gaming, breeding, and future NFTs on the chikn Launchpad.

Bok bok!

Team chikn.