My 2017 Experience at Rad5 Tech HUB Aba.

The company was formally known as Rad5techologies. The journey all started on 16th January 2017, when I started internship with the company.

During the internship, were I learnt HTML, CSS as a web designer at the first month. As time goes on I started using Bootstrap (CSS framework) to design front page of a website. I was taught how to learn and code on my own, how to set my page layout, though it was not as easy as I taught. I studied my pdf lessons and some tutorial video that was given to me to learn. At a stage it seems like wow, this is cool. I started thinking and dreaming big, I started building some little designs, playing with CSS and it was fun seeing myself doing some designs on my own.

This time was the first event I experienced at the company, which was Google Cloud Next 17 Extended. I began to understand what GDG was, (Google Developers Group) and I was among the organiser. The event opened my eyes to work more on myself.

Google Cloud Next 17 Extended.

I was also among the GDG (Google Developers Group) Google I/O 17 organiser, were I learnt team work. Am this person that likes doing things on my own and my own way, but during this event I really understood that I cannot work with a team without following my colleagues advice.

Google I/O 17.

I started working with Rad5 Technologies where I was being trained, I learnt so many things from these great community; they taught me the spirit of actualizing my dreams. JavaScript language was introduced to me. It was something else before I came to understand the language very well, I designed a simple calculator which I build with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT, with the same language I also build ATM validation using lunn algorithm. I started building crazy stuffs with JavaScript. I came to know so many programming language, I learnt how to work with typescript and angular framework for building a progressive web app I completed a project work from the tour of the heroes, which was with angular 2.

These are photos of projects I did myself as a beginner.

ATM card validation
Angular 2 project.

I became stronger, the community this time organised a program for teens which was named TeenHack. TeenHack was an event that I can never forget. Wow I was amazed with what I saw kids doing, and I was like if they can really build this things at their age what excuse do I have not to be a world class developer.

TeenHack event.

Hmmm, the most among all was the great DevFest 2017 event, luckly for me I was among the co-organiser. The GDG Devfest event which brings the Southern and Eastern Nigeria together as world class experts in Android, Web, Cloud and other Google Technologies. Before the program i was told that I will be speaking during the event, building a progressive web app with polymer. It was my first time to speak at an event before then I started asking question how it’s being done, I did some research I gathered material which I used to make-up my presentation slides. And it came to pass which introduced me to some many developers and Google experts and also how to speak in a public.

Me with Ada Oyom.

I can’t forget my mentor, a brother I call him UI/UX transformer a co-founder of Rad5 Tech Hub, Sir Igwe Uguru , and my oga at the top Sir John Nnanna Oji. Big thanks to them for their encouragement, building me up as a techie and also drawing me close to God.