Reinforcing My Commitment To Pursuing What I Want To Accomplish — Why I Joined Amplify Digital

This is my seventh month, having started officially July 2018. I am inspired to see how Super brilliant the people here are and work hard together daily, to make meaningful impact for her partners.

For some reason, i have been thinking about the web, especially frontend development and how it has changed digital advertising, especially in Africa.

Most African Digital Marketing companies today look exactly the same as it has to do with the services they provide and how they provide such services.

Digital Marketing Agencies have been the core driver of advertising during the advent of social media till today, and to think that they haven’t evolved at all is just plain crazy.

So, since i started web development in 2016, I’ve been thinking about how to improve my skills in frontend development while working with a brand that puts customer first in all strategy before execution. This is the story of how this process brought me to Amplify Digital Nigeria.

Why Amplify Digital Agency?

  • They have been in the forefront of Digital Advertising and have a standard for strategies execution as well as product development.
  • An opportunity to improve my skill set, since i will be working with an experienced team of product designers, software developers, content developers, business strategist, digital marketers, etc.
  • An Agency that have produced two world class product designers and an International recognition/mention
  • Lifestyle + Tech? Am in.

For every day you come to work, you have to push yourself to learn and be better. Your job description is not limited to your job title.

Many agencies claims to be the best Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, I wonder what they benchmark on. But truth is tech powers everything in Amplify Digital. That’s why we are arguably Nigeria’s best Digital Marketing Agency.

Cooperatively, with the Amplify team, i will continue to endeavor to support, push and strife to be better and work with partners to ship great products and strategies helping them build and increase their brand awareness.

Some colleagues in Amplify

I am hopeful that working concurrently with Amplify Digital, the journey will bring me closer to building products and deliver services that will be on global demand in the near future.
Amplify is a digital agency with a passion for big ideas, performance driven results and engaging digital experiences.