Apple is not being visionary, or so they say..

A friend raised a valid point on Apple’s latest products simply aren’t visionary. I, on the other hand, had to disagree being the big fan boy I am.

iPod wasn’t the first portable music player, the Walkman was. iPhone wasn’t the first smart phone, remember Nokia 6680 (maybe put in a few more Palm phones)? iPad was also not the first tablet, the Microsoft Tablet PC was. Apple Watch was not the first smart watch, the Pebble was. Do you see the pattern? If you don’t or if you’re gonna be ignorant about it, you can fuck off. I don’t need your stupid comments.

Honestly, Apple puts user experience first. Look at the ergonomics of all Apple products I’ve pointed out and compare them to their counterparts. I did see the Nexus 4 comparison to iPhone6. Those were solid stats but were those features neatly honed? Did people actually pay using their Nexus in the US? I know NFC is an up and coming technology so it is probably in its trial. You see, what Apple actually did was put all the pieces together before rolling it out. What did Android counterparts did? They just rolled out the watches — without having proper ecosystem to support it (arguable, come at me Android fan boys!).

Keyword — ecosystem. If anything, Apple’s visionary with the ecosystem. They have honed it to perfection. Of course, people would still want bigger batteries, more memory, more colours, whatever.. you simply can’t satisfy everyone’s needs unfortunately.

Oh and at Samsung poking fun at Apple with those funny ads, I think Apple should poke back at Samsung about making revenue instead (Samsung made a loss of about $1billion last year) and we’ll see who’s laughing.

“There is no such as a dumb user; there are only dumb products.” — Timothy Prestero.

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