Everything About Your Identity Will Fade But This

Chi L.

Ask yourself — who am I? Compilations of labels don’t make our true identities. Labels come and go throughout our lives. We are born as babies. We grow to become students. Teenagers. Mature into adults. Choose our profession and become workers. Get married and become husbands, wives. Have kids, become parents. More kids, grandparents. These are all the labels that come in and out of our lives until death. These are all the ways that we see ourselves.

All of these labels are in connection to our material selves. As we age, we grow. Physically and mentally. Parts grow, they shrink, they stop growing, they never come back. Our bodies are in a constant state of change. Our cells undergo a cycle of birth and death. Our blood cells, our skin cells, our hair cells — these will all eventually change overtime. Completely. The human body replaces itself every seven years.

So when we look in the mirror, what do we see? We see a shell of ourselves in a state in time. But it is not us. Again, you ask yourself — who am I?

You begin to look inside. Our bodies are a vessel for our feelings, sentiments, wills, memories, imaginations, emotions. All the things that the eyes cannot see. But that is not us either. These are yet another part of our material being — the mental body. It is not the physical body made up of matter. But these things still exist in the same plane as materials.

The question remains — who am I?

Everything is energy. Material energy is temporary. Our bodies and our thoughts do not live forever. Yet, our spirit is eternal. It is the life-force within the body. Even after the body decays, the spirit persists.

Who are we?

Our true identity is that of our spirit-soul. Our life and our soul are the same. The essence to life is love. It is deeply inherent in it.

Pure love is something we have an abundance of throughout our entire lives. Life can move through different bodily forms in cycles of rebirth. In any of these forms, love is present throughout. And yet, we live in a state of illusion. We search for love, as if it is something we don’t already possess. We look outward for it, contemplating it with our five senses. It becomes a mirage we chase after. Certain criteria must be met before we convince ourselves we have achieved love. Possession of another. Reciprocity of effort. Attainment of physical goods. Self gratifying arousals. Our false egos contaminate love until it becomes lust.

Lust doesn’t satisfy. Lust breeds desire, and once desire is temporarily satisfied, it breeds greed for more. Unable to satiate greed, we become unhappy. Unfulfilled. We consume all that we can with our five senses to rid unfulfillment. Food, drugs, porn, make-up, social media, junk. Name your sin. This is part the illusion. The illusion that mental and physical sensations can make us happy. To fill us with love.

Those who are empty try to fill themselves with material possessions. Consumerism is a problem.

Love becomes contaminated by our false ego. We develop illusions as to how to obtain love until it becomes a chase for a mirage.

Pure love is giving. It is compassion, warmth and forgiveness. One’s reward for loving another is seeing the other happy. To love is to give without expecting. Love is not to be found, it is to be unlocked with a key one already possess.

Acknowledge your spirit and its inherent ability to have and give love. It’s who you always have been and will forever be.

Chi L.

Written by

Chi L.

Business Consultant by day - Improvisor slash tech enthusiast by night. I share creative stories about innovative tech, the absurd life & personal development.

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