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His charm is palpable. You feel it with the entirety of your senses. A magnet you are futile towards. It penetrates through your shield of logic, one that you uphold to understand the world. The shield withdraws. No sense of reason explains why you feel the way that you do. …

Is it a gift? A curse? Well… it’s probably not mutually exclusive.

As a test-identified, but predominantly self-prescribed INTP, to describe my relationship with choice as inseverable may still be a light choice of words. You can probably tell that within this past statement itself, the possibility of infinite word choice has already got my mind running. Or rather, striving, for accuracy of shared dialect to reflect personal thoughts. An impossible mission, in my opinion.

This incessant need to wordsmith for accuracy is not just within the context of language, by the way. …

…and other great learnings experimenting with dropshipping

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There was that one time I experimented with dropshipping.

The whole concept of dropshipping is that you sell goods from the supplier directly to the customer without going through the usual distribution channels. Essentially, by building up your brand and marketing you form a position for yourself to sell products at a higher price than the supplier price.

With every year that passes, I grow to discover a side of myself that finds professional freedom irresistible. Working remote, being location independent, and never having to step foot inside the shell of an office are all ideas that appeal to me.

A couple of months back, I started a dropshipping business. …


Chi L.

I share creative stories about innovative tech, the absurd life & personal development.

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