#Eventprofs – Tips to get your event trending: PART THREE

Give Direction.

What do you want people to say / post? What UGC (User Generated Content) do you want posted online associated with your brand? People attending an event want to get involved when you inform them that there is a hashtag.. but sometimes they don’t know how!

  • Provide clear and simple instructions to increase the level of engagement and number of people participating e.g. You could tweet out “Use our hashtag #yourevent to follow the evening’s line-up. Tweet us with any Qs or requests!”. It is important to reiterate your hashtag in your tweets – simple mistakes like using #yourevent15 rather than your actual hashtag #yourevent2015 can occur
  • Let them be involved in the evening’s content to raise engagement levels e.g. You could tweet out “Have a Q. for our guest speaker? Tweet us your 140 character Q.! They will answer on stage at 9pm. Use #yourevent in your tweet to reach us”
  • Incentivise them e.g. You could tweet out “Tweet a photo at your table + include #yourevent to get a surprise dessert delivered to your table – make sure to tell us your table no.!”

Try implementing these tips at your next event and let me know how it goes – tweet me at @aoifemccrum

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