Video Storytelling — 3 Platforms to try for your next event #EventProfs


  • Video Latest: Recently extended the video upload length from 15 to 60 seconds.
  • The Facts: The most recent report records Instagram user base at 400 million with 75 million daily users. There are 80 million photos uploaded with 3.5billion likes daily — it may be a small user base but they are a highly engaged community.
  • DO: Generate and share a hashtag for your event. Encourage users to upload photos & videos to capture their stories from the evening. Plus dedicate a team member to walk the floor taking some video / photo for uploading.


  • Video Latest: Facebook Live feature allows you to bring your event online and live to the Facebook community. You can go live for up to 90 minutes from your own personal profile or your Business page — make sure you have a good WiFi connection or your video will pause until it regains a steady connection!
  • The Facts: 1.7bn people have a Facebook account with 1.55bn people logging on monthly and they share 8bn videos daily — there is a lot of viewership scope there!
  • DO: Think about what aspects of your next tradeshow attendance, conference or event you could bring live on Facebook. Do you.. have a big company announcement, have a new team member to introduce, need to announce the winner of a competition, host an on-stand interview with industry personnel etc. — the opportunities are endless and you can go live as many times as you like! Psst. announce a date and time in advance (multiple times across multiple platforms) so your audience knows when to tune in from their desks or home device.


  • Video Latest: Up to 10 second video snippets can be uploaded and tied together in a user’s Snapchat story. Stories can be viewed as many times as someone likes in a 24hour period until the snaps start to disappear.
  • The Facts: Snapchatters are very active video viewers, uploaders and contributors — there may only be 100 million daily Snapchat users but they view 7billion videos between them daily!
  • DO: Create an on-demand custom event Geofilter. What is a Geofilter? Answer: when a user snaps a picture they can apply a series of photo/video filters before uploading their snap. One of the filter options is a Destination watermark style stamp at the bottom of their photo. Destinations can have a series of city, town, landmark, venue etc. based filters. You can now also buy on-demand filters for your event for a low cost. This filter will show up for users as a filter option when they are at your event based on their smartphone location tracking.

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