First Blog Post

My name is Camden Hill, a senior Computer Science major from Thousand Oaks, California. Among other things, I am strongly interested in graphic design, foreign language, and food. With respect to graphic design, I have been a member of The Shirt Project at Notre Dame and am the graphic designer for the Student Activities Office. I have taken many years of Spanish and am now taking Italian. I have studied French and German in my spare time. I love food, both cooking it and eating at new restaurants. I’m intrigued by different cultures and their styles of cooking.

I initially chose Computer Science because I was attracted to the various fields and directions that I could elect to pursue. I knew that I wanted to be an engineer because I have always loved math; I decided that Computer Science best fulfilled my goals for my future career path. I want to program in some capacity going forward, but I feel more strongly called to management. Ideally, I will be in a leadership position in a computer science company (I would love if the company were one that I started myself). Entrepreneurship has always been an attractive option, and once I find my golden idea, I intend to pursue it. My immediate career path takes me to the IT Leadership Position with GE, where I will be completing 6 month rotations pertaining to specific computer science projects while simultaneously taking MBA classes at Indiana University.

From this class, I hope to obtain a lot of the intangibles that won’t necessarily find their way into my code, but rather will inform a lot of my actions surrounding my approach to Computer Science. I am very interested in patent law and intellectual property, and I hope to learn at least a preliminary education regarding these topics this semester. I think there is a general consensus that everyone is excited to learn about hacking, and I am no exception. I really do not know much about hacking and think that it would be important to have general knowledge on what current threats exist and may exist. Looking through the syllabus, other topics that intrigue me are salary, job interview, diversity, anonymity and trolls. I have heard a lot about the discrepancies between pay and treatment of women in various industries and I am curious about how it applies to the tech industry. I am aware of the differences in numbers of men and women in technology, but I would like to learn more concrete facts about it, rather than a lot of the propaganda that is stated in the media. I think that some of the most important topics in Computer Science currently are cybersecurity, diversity in the work place, and some of the more abstract concepts such as trolls. I think intellectual property is a concern of all computer scientists, and may present ethical dilemmas at times. Another moral issue that I look forward to discussing is that of automation and the consequent job loss. Overall I am excited for this semester, and I expect it to be a change from the traditional computer science classes that I have taken.

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