The case for a commission floor


Desire for growth or decay?

Enabling growth

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Blockchain base layer engineers
  • API/SDK framework teams
  • API/RPC endpoint providers
  • Validators
  • Dapp Creators
  • Probably more

The validator dream team

  • Growth of the ecosystem
  • Quality team members in each role

Who are validators?

What do these validators want?

Why should the network care?

Why 0% validators are value vampires

A case for supporting the little guy

A case for 1%

A case for 5% or 10%

  1. A highly imbalanced network where the lower end validators do not have enough extra funding to start contributing
  2. A new network where coin value is relatively low and many coins are necessary to make aggregate value.

A case for reducing the floor

A case for 0%

The argument to withhold until a validator does more

The argument against arbitrary floors

The argument for “we don’t want commission”

The argument for “we promised 0%/1% and it’s sad”

The argument for “0% differentiation”

The argument for “some relayers need more commission”

Become a leader for growth




Diversifying the Blockchain

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Chill Validation

Chill Validation

Diversifying the Blockchain

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