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Chill bear Club
9 min readFeb 13, 2022


Chill Bear Club NFT

Expanding beyond just animal PFPs, to add utility and accessibility across multiple metaverses. A “multiverse” perhaps.

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What is the Chill Bear Club Project?

  • Chill Bear Club is a collection of 5555 generative bear themed NFTs that enable holders to “chill” across multiple different metaverses.The collection not only features original in-house artwork, but also delivers community, utility and longevity
  • The project plans to feature up to FOUR collections of art styles, ranging from 2D, to pixel, to Voxel and finally 3D art. All of which showcase the talent of our young artist Hontas, whilst ensuring wide compatibility across multiple different projects and platforms. The 4 collections will collectively enable holders to access multiple Metaverses via a single project
The iconic Chill Bear

Project Background Summary

  • CBC team is a collaborative art and technology project, founded by a passionate team who wanted to use the culmination of their skills, experience and networks to create and deliver their vision of the metaverse. Our NFT collection features in-house art work, that is not only visually appealing, but also has utility and longevity
  • At its core, we wanted to elevate the talent of our team’s artist Hontas, who’s a bright and talented 18yr old, who is skilled across multiple mediums and styles. We felt NFTs was the perfect medium to grant access and visibility via WEB3
  • The project plans to roll out 4 collections to the community, starting with our genesis Chill Bear PFPs and (as teased) culminating into 3D assets
  • Functionally, our team recognizes both the potential and importance of metaverses in the future of WEB3. However a looming issue we see is market fragmentation with every team wanting to create their own metaverses.

Our idea and utility is simple. Instead of fragmentation, what if we approached it from an integration angle.

We plan to integrate all 4 collections into various well known metaverses such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Jadu Mirrorverse and various games to name a few. Each of the four collections will have art styles that will appropriately suit the respective metaverses we are targeting. Over time, as new ecosystems emerge, our team will work with those respective communities to enable CBC to function and constantly expand its compatibility.

Utility Map

Phase 1: Collection 1–2D Genesis Chill Bear NFTs

  • Chill Bears are going to be recognisable and distinct, but also designed in a way that can be translated into different styles and formats and mediums. Think pixel art, voxel, 3D models, but also real world physical 3D prints, collectables, merchandise, animation and more

Phase 2: $HUNNY token and continuous value add

  • Roll out our $HUNNY token staking and earning system. $HUNNY will be used for community voting, minting of future drops, merch and more
  • $HUNNY will be key to ensure loyalty is rewarded and is central for our members to claim future drops for free
  • We will be implementing a secret fun new approach to continuously add value to our community to avoid stagnation between collection drops
  • Acquisition of strategic LAND assets from various metaverses to be developed

Phase 3: Collection 2–2D Pixel NFT and metaverse integration

  • We will release our second collection of pixel chill bears derived from our first
  • These will enable utility within pixel metaverses and games
  • Team will continue to develop LAND assets for community use and begin integration of our avatars into various metaverses

Phase 4: Collection 3–3D Voxel NFT

  • 3D Voxel models will be created and be made available to existing to integrate with 3D metaverses such as Sandbox, NFTworlds
  • Additional metaverse integrations to utilise these avatars

Phase 5: Collection 4 — Fully rigged 3D avatars

  • Fully rigged 3D Chill Bears to work in non VX metaverses such as DCL, JADU mirrorverse etc
  • In between each phase we will have community events, collabs, merch, giveaways and of course a space to chill.


Pre Mint Launch

Community Building and Website Launch

Community art auction (proceeds donated)

OG and general Whitelisting

Various “grind free” whitelisting opportunities and events

Pre-Sale: March TBC

Public Mint

Any unsold presale supply will be raffled off

3 ETH added to a Community Fund every 25% of Sales

Project mint launch party in the metaverse

Multiple launch giveaway to celebrate and thank the community

Post Launch

Post mint reveal

Rarity tools listing

Rarity sniper listing

Community funds secured in multi-sig Gnosis wallet

Portion of secondary revenues added to community fund

Post Launch — Back to work

Acquire LAND assets across key strategic metaverses for community use:

DCL, Sandbox, NFTworlds, WWWLand apartments etc

Begin construction of metaverse facilities within the respective LAND assets

$HUNNY token development and roll out

Secret roadmap item

Merchandise rollout — including physicals (stay tuned for surprises we have planned)

Chill Bear Expansion — Collection 2

Begin development of Collection 2 — Free to claim with $HUNNY for genesis holders

Collection 2 mint and launch

Development and Integration of collection 1 & 2 into various metaverses

Continuous marketing, giveaways and collaborations to add value to the community between collection drops

Chill Bear Expansion — Collection 3 & 4 and beyond

Focus on development of collection 3 & 4

Collection 3 & 4 respective launches and mints

Further integration with metaverses with emphasis on 3D

Expansion in VR/AR

Grow the Team

Development of Roadmap 2.0 for FY23 — more surprises to come


Why are you doing this? Isn’t this just another animal PFP collection?

We actually started this back in Oct/Nov last year before the oversaturation of PFP and derivatives. You can see from our discord that we started to plant the seeds of this project months ago and began to produce art that is our own that will resonate with people.

Our team wanted to deliver a project that serves as a culmination of our skills and experiences, but also delivers art and utility we would actually want to use. Not everyone likes Ape themed art, enjoys pixel games or has time to grind on-chain games for passive income. Some of us just want cool art and utility to access the metaverse without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do so.

We set our creating this project with 3 objectives:

Art, Community, Utility


  • All projects start with the art as well as the artist. The core of our project is our artist hontas, our wonderkid 18 year old artist from Sydney. His talent from such a young age inspired us to launch this project.
  • He is an extremely young and multi-talented artist by day and a skilled audio engineer by night. He is able to intersect fashion, culture, music, art and technology all in one
  • He is capable of various different art styles and has produced derivative works and fan-art for several different projects and grinding spare cash doing private commissions.
  • We feel that emerging talent should be recognised and nurtured and the hype shouldn’t just go towards famous artists and celebrities. We believe that WEB3 and NFTs are the perfect platform to showcase his artwork and skills.


  • We wanted to create a community with a chill vibe to escape from the literal grind. And this starts from the way we plan on growing the community and granting access to mintlists
  • We are tired of seeing project discords full of people disingenuously grinding for whitelists, telling each other to stay hydrated and virtue signal in hopes of presale
  • To ensure this there will be no whitelists allocated to people staying active for the sake of being active. We will roll out whitelist access through various means including:

Partnerships and collaborations with other projects and communities

Traditional social media and discord giveaways

Fun and creative community events

Spontaneous community giveaways

Raffle system

  • Post launch, we want a place where people can share alpha, share and educate trading ideas, tools and tips, or simply hang our regardless of market swings. Basically escape the daily grind and just chill with us
First of many partnerships with Project Nanopass


  • Everyone in this space recognises that WEB3 and metaverses are certainly the future that is here to stay. But we have started to hit the point of oversaturation and fragmentation.
  • Everyone wants to be the next DCL or Sandbox, few can achieve it. Several promise AAA games on an indie budget or DAOs with no proper legal framework.
  • We have projects with no utility or overambitious ones that over promise but under deliver a low effort output that looks like it belongs on a 1970’s console
  • Understanding all this, we will not promise unrealistic goals. We will leave the innovation plays to the real pioneers and other talented developers in this space.
  • We are not going to add to that dilution or fragmentation. We are simply here to create our own art to integrate with the established metaverses that we have already identified that will have longevity.
  • CBC will create avatars that will integrate into multiple different projects via a single NFT. But long term also look to expand beyond.
  • Proceeds of the mint will also be used to purchase Land assets for our community and we will work with big names such as Adobe, Sandbox, NFT Worlds, JADU AR, WorldWideWebland, OnCyber and DCL just to name a few
3D Chill Bear modelled after the genesis 2D, with custom lighting and texture effect. Final version will be full body and rigged. Ready for the metaverse

Why “Chill”?

  • We looked across the NFT space and identified which types of artwork resonated with people the most. The most common themes we identified were:

Simplicity/Minimalism with a clean aesthetic that people will actually want to use

Bright, colourful and warm palette to invoke positivity and our core theme, “chill vibes”

Neutrality — to avoid any racial/gender biases and be appealing to all

  • Furthermore, we witnessed an oversaturation of “whitelist grinding” amongst community projects. Being strong advocates of mental health, we wanted to change the meta away from “the grind” and just create a safe space for people to hang and “chill”

Why Bears?

  • We were tired of the ape meta and felt that bears were both underutilised and suited the aesthetic vibe we were looking for.
  • During bull markets, it’s easy to push the bull/ape narrative, and bears get no love. So we want to create this collection of affordable bears so that we can all chill out regardless of market cycles and spread positivity

How many Chill Bears are there?

  • 5555 generative bears. Hand drawn by our in house artist Hontas
  • Why 5555? CBC will consist of 4 collections by the end of our roadmap. Given the collection will expand over time, 5555 is the perfect quantity we landed on that would provide sufficient supply for wide, initial distribution without over-dilution.

Mint Details

  • Launch date — TBC (targeting March)
  • Price — Will be announced closer to Launch date
  • However we are aiming for a cheap and affordable mint price that enables us to achieve our project objectives, whilst enabling the collection to grow in the future without diluting the supply
  • Pricing will be far more affordable compared to other collections containing a single 3D set of works. Whereas ours will be cheaper and enabling wider accessibility, while offering value in the form of 4 collections for the price of 1

How will the Chill bears Mint/Auction occur?

  • CBC will be avoiding traditional auction and Dutch auction formats as we believe that is a toxic mechanism pushed by recent projects as a means of extracting as much liquidity as possible
  • We believe in fair and affordable distribution, and will implement fixed price minting and mechanisms that will prevent botting and gas wars

What is the function/utility of Chill Bears genesis NFT?

  • We are aiming to be more than just a PFP collection. Each genesis Chill Bear will not only be relegated as your social media profiles, but as avatars across multiple different metaverses, giving it cross compatibility and utility like never before
  • Each of the four collections will be in differing art styles and formats to enable our members to access different metaverses and platforms regardless of the format. (2D, Pixel, Voxel or 3D)

What are some additional Benefits/Utility of Chill bears?

  • Land acquisition — In addition to metaverse integration, CBC team will acquire strategic LAND assets across various metaverses for development and use for our community
  • Cross collaboration with our partners. Beyond giveaways and whitelists, we aim to leverage our relationship with our providers to add interoperability and enhance utility for our collection, it will also provide regular and continuous value beyond mint drop windows. Stay tuned for more details and surprises to come