Various Methods to receive payment at your PrestaShop store

Receiving Payment is one of the crucial steps of your online store and, therefore, it should be developed with precision. It is the area which helps you to build trust among your customers and keep you providing returning users if they have a great payment processing experience. No one wants their personal and critical information such as bank and credit card details to go into wrong hands. As a PrestaShop store owner, it is your duty to ensure that payment processing is being made keeping the highest standards of security.

Here we provide you with some of the basic and the most popular payment methods that you can go for:

Redirection to Payment Processor site: If you own as small PrestaShop store it is going to be the best solution for you. In this process after the clicking on the Pay option, customers are redirected to the Payment Processor website and they are even notified of it. The service provider then generates the form where users fill their account related details. The data is their processed and payment is processed. After successful completion of the payment, users are redirected to your PrestaShop store again. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need extra code for the payment plus you don’t need to worry about security and other issues related to payment processing.

Payment IFrame Incorporation: In this method, the form that appears on the Payment Processor website is present on the Payment Processor’s website is incorporated at the checkout section of your PrestaShop store. The functionality is same as the redirect method, but here users don’t need to get redirected to the site and can just fill the form at your site and get the payment processed. The advantage of this process is the capability to control the look of the payment form. You can tweak it to match the existing theme of your PrestaShop store.

Direct Payment:The Direct Payment requires you to receive all the Payment Information at your end and then send the data to the Payment Gateway that you’ve integrated. This provides you more control over the look of the overall Payment form. There is an added responsibility on your shoulders and it’s the management and the transfer of the details in a secure manner ensuring no hacking of the data occurs. But it is also among one of processing methods that is very hard to crack.

Now when you’ve got details about the common Payment options, it depends on you to select the

Right Payment Processing technique for your PrestaShop Store.

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