Staying in Your Lane Will Probably Get Us There Faster: On Luvvie Ajayi & Like-Minded Activism
Ms. Willis

This is what happens when you go from a Twitter activist to getting that Shonda Rhimes money and s*****g on your roots. The “mixed race activists” is one of the two core issues that has people up in arms with her. Call Stacey Patton and Shaun King and talk it out like adults NOT use your ever growing platform to create division within the activism community. Blogger activists. Twitter activists. Mixed race activists. Celebrity activists. IRL activists. They all have their lane but we’re all supposed to be for the same cause. Luvvie’s FB post doesn’t help that cause.

But hey now that she’s got into the big house with Shondaland she’s lost sight of the bigger picture like her future boss and care only about appeasing their bosses

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