Universe Doesn’t Have a Brain — My Unedited Thoughts

It probably resembles with a heart.

Before you give your next 1 minute, the purpose of this little post is to share my personal thought that why we need to change our thoughts to get everything good, big & rich we desire. I may share 2 analogies here.

You’re the Universe & You already own everything you want!

My first analogy, you’re a mirror.

And universe reflects back everything you’re showing up. The catch is, it reflects multi-fold.

It doesn’t have a brain. It doesn’t understand that you’re thinking negative, positive, low, high or anything. There are only energies. It just reflects everything you are. It AMPLIFIES everything!

I was at this brilliant event last month where Life Coach Ramon Llamba shared some great things about energies and I felt totally connected.

Now imagine you are upset about not getting something or some of your troubles or someone who is bothering you. Guess what! Universe will give you everything multi-fold to ensure you don’t get that required thing ever, the troubled situation is getting worse or you’re left with nothing but more bothered about people. Is this what you wanted? And then you start cursing situations, people, your destiny and even God!

What if we turn the thoughts around?

Think about getting things done, the situation getting sorted, all the ideas that could help, people who support you. Can you tell me how did you feel even reading these two sentences? Am sure, better than earlier.

I am NOT a philosophical person. I am what I see and experience and known as one of the tough to convince personality. All what I said above is coming from my experience. When I think about getting something done, IT GETS DONE with my minimal efforts. Period.

Remember, someone said it just right.

Anything you resist, persists.

Just think of all what you want, not what you don’t want. Things you don’t want, any away don’t deserve to be in your life, then why keep them in your thoughts.

My second analogy, for those who believe in love and mother.

A mother thinks from her heart more than head.

Imagine universe is a mother. It wants to give you everything you got in your mind; selflessly, as soon as possible, and more than you wanted.

When you’re sure to get everything you think, then why not think about good things? It’s an effort to not to think about negative thoughts, but not that big of an effort. Trust me!

Spend a day thinking only things you want to get, taking your best possible actions towards achieving those things, kicking off the unnecessary, wanted thoughts and distractions and being ruthless to negative thoughts. You’re SURE to get something good by the end of the day. Doesn’t matter it is small. It’s a great start and you can definitely make it bigger tomorrow.

I do this everyday. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any problems in my life. It’s just, am tougher than the problems and my focus is more on what can help me, rather than what can hurt.

Be good! Keep shining & Fly :)

Your friend, Sunita

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