Do you have spirits surrounding you?

Yesterday afternoon, after feeling more than a bit irrational I visited my local psychic. I asked for Erika, who has now become my favorite tarot reader at this shop. I payed 50 bucks for a 30 minute pop and anxiously waited for Erika to finish another reading. After nervously tapping my foot around the store, she called me in to her room, and sat me down.

I had to ask, “I want to know why I’ve been feeling so anxious.” After telling me it was due to my most recent breakup with an abusive ex boyfriend, she advised I hug a tree. “It’ll release all that bent up negative energy you’re holding on of his. You have to release it.” It struck me odd, but then again, I was seated in front of a psychic stranger whom I had just paid with money I didn’t really have. I had to go with it; I had to believe as my intuition would have me believe, so I continued.

After a few questions about my recent breakups, friends included, I asked about this number 7 I kept seeing. “I keep seeing it everywhere. It’s like it means something.” Erika couldn’t remember what the number 7 represented in numerology, but later it clicked. “Oh right, how could I forget this. The number 7 has to do with everything metaphysical.” It wasn’t long before she pulled out more cards that indicated I was being asked to enter the psychic realm. “You have a lot of spirits surrounding you? You can’t feel them? I can feel them, especially on your right side.”

As any person in their right or logical mind would think, I was scared shitless. “What does this mean? What about evil spirits?” I asked. “You can say that you only want good spirits surrounding you,” Erika responded. But it wasn’t enough. She pulled several other cards and continued. “They really want you to listen.”

I’ve been trying not to worry since then.