Whats the problem with entertainment industry

How to bridge the growing gap between aspiring artists and the industry

Image Source: Soteriaintelligence.com

Perhaps most of us know who Brad Pitt is. He is a celebrity living his dreams which we are all envious of. We know him because we have seen him deliver numerous blockbuster performances on screen. Off screen, we love to follow our beloved star everywhere. But how many of us know of his early struggles before he went on to become a superstar, a role model ?

Pitt left college two weeks before his graduation and went to L.A to pursue a career in acting. He ultimately succeeded in his career, but not before driving limousines, chauffeuring strippers and doing a lot of odd jobs to make his ends meet. Even his first chance of making big came out in a very unconventional way. He accompanied one of his acting mates as a scene partner but the agents chose him for a role instead. Then there was no looking back for him, surpassing every obstacle coming his way to reach where he is today.

Like Pitt, many of us aspire to become an artist. During the early days of our career, we are young, energetic and eccentric. We are fanatics but creative and full of ideas and enthusiasm. This is when we start our career and make decisive choices.

But our road to success may not be as smooth as we planned and we meet many life changing and heart breaking experiences. An artistic journey is even more painful owing to the nature of unique challenges brought up by ever changing industry trends. Generally, we found the following problems being the basic hindering blocks to an aspiring as well as casual artist who wants to pursue a permanent career in entertainment:

  1. Lack of information on industry avenues. People love acting, music, dancing everywhere. Love for art is not limited to any specific country. There is a blossoming regional industry everywhere.
  2. Lack of bonafide platforms to communicate with other people from the same stream. This also turns to unavailability of authentic professional guidance online.
  3. People are concerned of job security due to the nature of opportunities provided by the industry.
  4. Financial dependence to pursue a career and return on investment to attain a financial independence.

We see many talented artists struggle daily due to one of the reasons mentioned above (or other reasons) and felt if their issues could be addressed, we can create a streamlined process for the artists to follow a better course to reach out the industry.

With a stroke of luck and perseverance, one day, you will land where you aspire to be. Your chances of making it is as similar as your chances of winning a game of poker. In Poker, all of us eventually get a chance, but when it comes, how do we capitalize it. Until then it is “how long can you hold on to the waves of draught and stay an optimist ?”.

That’s why we are creating a dedicated platform, Coswafe, to bridge talents to the industry . Initially, we want to address a few of the existing concerns.

  1. First of all, we want to interact with the artists and the industry directly and discuss various existing issues through an interactive forum. We want people to come up and speak on the platform.
  2. Break the monotony of information/opportunity only platforms and bring vibrancy by creating a social media for artists and maintain an evolving portfolio for the industry and people to appreciate it.
  3. Bringing the global entertainment industry to a single platform
  4. Create a place to showcase authentic content without censorship through a Blockchain medium.

Coswafe.com will launch a closed alpha version of the website by the 1st week of November, 2017. Later on we will also launch our mobile apps by March 2018. However, there will be an active forum where we will keep discussing new issues and portal updates. We encourage people who are associated with the entertainment industry in any way, to come up and subscribe to our website for all the recent updates and discussions.

If you are aspiring to be an artist (musician, actor, model, makeup artist, photographer, etc), we are seeking help from you to contribute anything about your struggles, issues, apprehensions, successes. We would love people from the industry to participate and share their feedback. Lastly, we want more audience who can observe and point out if we are on a right course.

We love content and aspire to be the shortest bridge to you and the entertainment industry.